Solution to slow acceleration of imported Cadillac SRX at low speed
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Notification content: the above part of the vehicle may occur acceleration retardation under low speed conditions, which is caused by the software problem of the power assembly, and can be solved by using the updated software in the maintenance programming system (SPS) to program the transmission control unit (TCM). The measures are as follows. The maintenance programmer, through the maintenance programming system TIS2WEB, performs the function of the maintenance programming system "Tiismission Control Module-Programming (transmission control unit programming)", only to press the instructions on the screen to do the operation. When programming is finished, select "clear all fault diagnosis codes, function, clear all history fault codes. Then use the fault diagnostic instrument to perform "Reset Transmission Adapts (reset transmission adaptation)". Attention rate (1) does not require vehicle correction code during programming. The correction code required for the maintenance program will be programmed directly through the multiple diagnostic interface (MDI) to the control unit (2) to ensure that the programming tool is equipped with the latest software and is firmly connected to the data connector. If the programming process is interrupted, programming may fail or damage the control unit. (3) in the programming process, battery voltage stability is very important. Any fluctuation, peak, overvoltage or voltage loss will be interrupted. When needed, EL 49642 is required to maintain programming system programming support tools to maintain system voltage. If this tool is not available, a voltage stabilized 12 V jumper or a booster assembly disconnected from the AC voltage supply can be connected. But don't connect the battery charger. (4) close or disable the system that may cause load on the vehicle battery, such as the inside lamp, the outside lamp (including the daytime traffic light), the HVAC air conditioning system and the radio. (5) during programming, the SPS prompt should be followed to correct the ignition switch position.