FAW Volkswagen EA1111.4T injector closed is not strict
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Fault phenomenon EA111 1.4T vehicle idling car trembling, accelerating weakness, OBD alarm. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: use VAS5052 to check if there is a misfire record in the engine control unit. If there is a fire record into the engine system, read the engine data block, select the 1-4 cylinder and the total fire record, according to this data block can see the situation of each cylinder fire record. It can be seen which cylinder fault occurs, causing engine jitter and acceleration. The ignition coil or spark plug can be eliminated by switching the ignition coil and checking the spark plug. After removing the fault of ignition coil and spark plug, it can be regarded as fault of fuel injector. It is also necessary to further confirm the injector. 1. repeat the engine about 2min, and check the fire record. If the number of fire records is relatively small, it may be a slight blockage of the injector. The accelerator pedal can be stepped down to make the engine run at high speed 10-20min (at the same time monitoring the fire situation of each cylinder), and part of the vehicle failure will disappear. 2. the fault has not been eliminated through the above steps, and it is suggested that the user can use the fuel additive to run a distance to the high speed. Through this method, the fault of some vehicles can be eliminated. 3 if the number of fires is very high, there are more than 50 times of fire records within the 2min, then the injector is basically found to be closed, when the injector needs to be removed. If the cylinder has gasoline in memory, the injector must be replaced.