What about the lost key to the car? A few big ways to know
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4 men on the street to swim to turn the car key hidden grass, watermelon owner shouted the Mercedes Benz owners back to get the keys, lovers seaside car keys lost their families to Dalian to send keys, men hired divers to catch the key to the loss of car... In the midsummer, the loss of vehicle keys has become the peak season for emergencies. If you don't want to be the protagonist of news events, keep your car keys well. Tools for switching cars. Nowadays, automotive keys are made of chips, which are used as magnetic chip systems. The reading coil of the ignition lock core of the automobile will read the chip of the key, and the chip has fixed digital information. The key is that the key key is not inserted in the lock hole and can leave the door and lock the door. The greatest advantage is that no matter in the day or night, no lock holes are needed, and the lock and lock can be carried out in a long distance and conveniently. Keyless startup uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to switch door locks by the chip of the smart card that the owner carries with you, that is to say, when you get close to a certain distance, the lock will automatically open and lift the security. When you leave the vehicle, the lock will automatically lock and enter the security state. The general equipment has a key without a key to the vehicle, with an induction button on the door handle, and also a key hole. In case the smart card is damaged or without electricity, the owner can still open the door in an ordinary way. When the owner enters the car, the detection system in the car will immediately identify your smart card. After confirmation, the computer in the car will enter the working state. At this time, you only need to gently press the start button (or the knob) inside the car, and you can start the vehicle normally. That is to say, both inside and outside the car can ensure that the system can correctly identify drivers in any case. One is the button type. The ignition button is located in the center of the center console, so it is also called "one button start", such as BMW, Mercedes and so on; the other is a knob, which is usually located at the original key socket, but without the key of the car, it can start directly with the knob, for example, Nissan, Mazda and so on. This intelligent key can emit infrared signals, which can open one or two doors, suitcases and fuel injection holes, and also control the car windows and skylights. The more advanced smart keys are like a credit card. When the driver touches the doorknob, the central lock control system starts to work and launches. A wireless inquiry signal, after the smart key card makes the correct response, the vehicle lock is automatically opened. Only when the CPU perceiving the key card is in the car will the engine start. The common non key entry system, also known as the intelligent key system, is composed of a transmitter, a remote control central lock control module, a driving authorization system control module and a control system composed of three receivers and related wiring harnesses. The remote controller and the launcher are integrated on the car key, and the vehicle can enter the lock or non lock state according to the signal from the smart key, and even automatically close the window and the skylight. This system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. In general, the door lock automatically opens and relieves the security when the owner moves closer to the vehicle at less than one meter. When the vehicle is left, the lock will automatically lock up and enter the anti-theft state. When the car owner enters the car, the vehicle detection system will immediately identify the smart card, just pressing the start button (or the knob) to start the vehicle normally, the whole process, the car key need not be taken out. When the driver puts the key in his pocket near the car, the key and the car begin to exchange set instructions by radio exchange. Then the closing system and safety system of the vehicle and the control system of the engine are all activated. As soon as the driver touches the door handle, the sensor detects the pressure, and the servo engine will turn on the door lock and turn to the lamp two times. Then the seat, steering wheel and outer rearview mirror will be automatically adjusted to suit the position of the owner. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the steering wheel lock will be opened immediately, and the start button will also be released. Finally, the main brake will release automatically. 4. When you get out of the vehicle, the driver must press the lock button. If the steering light flashes once, it means that the door is locked safely. When the car is locked, the key and the car will re arrange a new instruction message. Generally speaking, the car keys are 2~3, the owner must keep the key, do not put all the keys in the same place, in order to prepare for a rainy day. The key string of a new car consists of 2~3 keys and a metal or plastic sheet, on a metal or plastic sheet, usually printed with a string of numbers. This is the tooth number of the key. The repair station or manufacturer can reconfigure the key of the owner through this tooth number. The keys of the car vary slightly depending on the model. For example, Poussin of the Shanghai Volkswagen, the 3 keys are roughly the same, but in fact there is a spare key that can only open the door and start the engine, but can not open the luggage compartment and the sundries box. The keys of the POLO and the Passat series are slightly different, although the key is 3, but the spare key becomes a simple plastic key mold, which is used only in an emergency to open the door and the engine. The other two keys are integrated remote control keys, which can be used to remotely open doors and baggage compartment doors. Of course, some manufacturers only add remote control switches to common key strings, but the "grafted" suspected remote key functions may be more, for example, the remote control whistle and the mini flashlight. It is the most common application and the earliest automobile anti-theft lock. Now it has seldom been used alone. It is mainly used in combination with electronic and chip type. Mechanical locks mainly play a role in restricting the operation of vehicles, and can provide limited help to guard against theft, so it is difficult to resist. Usually a car thief can pry the steering wheel lock in dozens of seconds. So old mulberry is the easiest car to be stolen. Electronic burglar lock is the most installed anti-theft lock, the main function of the one-way electronic security system is: the switch door, vibration or unlawfully open the door alarm, and some brand products add some functions: electronic remote control to complete the engine start, flameout and so on. The fatal injury of the electronic anti-theft system lies in its electronic password and remote control operation. When the owner uses a remote control to switch the door, the thief hiding in the neighborhood can steal the radio wave or infrared radiation from the remote controller with a receiver or scanner, and then the car's anti-theft system can be opened after decoding. Chip digital anti-theft lock: chip digital anti-theft lock is now the car manufacturer's anti-theft measures, most cars are used as the original anti-theft device. The chip type digital anti-theft device can lock the motor, circuit and oil circuit of the vehicle, and can not start the vehicle without the chip key. Digital password repetition rate is very low, and it is necessary to use the password key to contact the lock on the car to unlock, and eliminate the drawbacks of being scanned. At present, most of the new cars in China are equipped with the original chip anti-theft system. Chip - based anti-theft can ensure that the system can correctly identify the driver in any case. When the driver is close to or away from the vehicle, it automatically recognizes its identity to automatically open or close the car lock; it can easily detect the position of the electronic key in both the car and the car. If you choose to have a new key for the maintenance station, you need to provide your vehicle and owner's identification card. According to the different models, the maintenance station needs the owner to provide the 17 security password of the key, which is not a tooth number, but the password provided to the owner when buying a new car. Some vehicles need to provide the vehicle and owner's certificate from the repair station to the car manufacturer. The manufacturer inquiries out the security password of the key and fax it to the maintenance station by the manufacturer. After obtaining this password, the maintenance station needs the owner to provide the key tooth number, to configure the new metal key, without the tooth number, the tooth number can be inquired through the database. At the same time, the maintenance station can set the lost car key as an illegal key by modifying the car's computer parameters, but it can not start the car, and the lost key can still open the door. Here is a reminder that once a car key is lost, even if the new key has been configured, be careful not to store valuables in the car. Since the choice of a replacement key, there will still be a risk of losing the goods in the car, so the lock will completely eliminate the risk, but the cost is far greater than the new key. According to the different models, the locks need to be replaced. Some cars, luggage, luggage, and oil tank cover are all used the same key. At this time, if the vehicle is replaced, more locks need to be replaced. In general, the cost of matching a new key is about three hundred to two thousand yuan in accordance with the model, and the cost required to completely update the lock is likely to be four to five times the key to the key, and the key to the key is usually not within the coverage of the insurance company, so the cost is high. It usually takes a few hours to match the key, but some luxury luxury cars take longer time, because some high-end imported cars have the key and waste the original key that needs to be finished in production, the high grade car's code cracking and matching grade is higher, and the price is higher. The following are the key price lists and working hours of several types of high-grade cars for reference only: 1. If you want to leave the car, even for a few minutes, do not leave the key on the igniter, be sure to lock the car, take the car key, close the window, the skylight, and do not give it to the thief. The thief has a chance to take a chance. 2, do not put the car's spare key in the car, now the car anti-theft system is generally aimed at the engine, even if the car thief to match a car key can open the door, but also can not start the engine to drive the car. The spare key can make the engine ignite, so the spare key must not be placed in the car, not to be used as a common key for a long time. 3, be careful when driving to public places and hand over to other people for parking. It is very easy for a thief to take the opportunity to prepare a car key. 4.