Audi A6L hot car change forward and shrug
  • Automotive

I recently received a 2008 FAW Volkswagen Audi A6L, which carries a 2.4 L engine and a 01T type continuously variable transmission. The fault of the transmission is that all the cars are normal after starting, but the cars will be replaced after moving. After a period of time after the fire is restarted, the vehicle will temporarily return to normal, but the failure will occur shortly afterwards. After detecting by the fault diagnosis instrument, it is found that there is an accidental fault code P1741. The explanation of the fault code is that the clutch adaptive matching reaches the limit. It also looks at the forward shift clutch adaptive value data in the tenth sets of data blocks in the transmission data flow, and finds that the value is up to 0.380 A (normally at about 0.310A). In view of an accidental fault, the fault code is cleared first and an adaptive match is tried by the road test, but it can not match successfully in any case (Tenth sets of data blocks can be shown to match successfully). Moreover, the more adaptive matching is, the higher the adaptive value of forward gear clutch, the greater the data current value. Sometimes it can reach 0.420 A.