Fire and jitter of Audi A6L engine during driving
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In the normal driving process, the general vehicle speed and the throttle continuously from low to high are more prone to fire or lack of cylinder, involving the range of 500 to 50000km kilometers. Determine the failure phenomenon: (1) first identify with the owner of the fault phenomenon: in this process, you can learn some driving habits and conditions of use with the owner. (2) if the failure can not be reproduced, it is not related, then the engine fault record is detected by VAS5052: the non ignition cylinder and the number of non ignition are determined, and the data flow of the 15 and 16 groups is determined together. The cause of the fire jitter: the cause of the engine fire is mainly due to the lack of fuel ignition and mixed gas, followed by mechanical or software aspects (such as cylinder pressure, valve lengthening, injector, etc.), involving fuel, carbon, spark plugs, ignition coils, injectors and so on. Once the engine control unit finds that there are no signs of ignition, to protect the three way catalytic converter, turn off the injector of the non ignition cylinder. Due to the fact that the 2. 0T engine has more fire and jitter, it has seriously affected the customer satisfaction. For this reason, I held a special discussion: 1. environmental analysis. In February 2004, China implemented the pilot scheme for the expansion of vehicle ethanol gasoline and detailed rules for the implementation of the pilot project for the expansion of ethanol gasoline for vehicles. The pilot work involves 5 provinces, namely, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Henan, Anhui and Hubei. Several understandings about ethanol gasoline: (1) according to the national standard of our country, ethanol gasoline is made up of 90% regular gasoline and 10% fuel ethanol. Because ethanol in ethanol gasoline is easy to dissolve in water, if there is water in the tank, the water is deposited at the bottom of the tank and dissolves with the denatured fuel ethanol, which causes the oil to be hydrated and makes it difficult to ignite. It affects the normal work of the engine and even causes the engine to not ignite. Replacing the gasoline filter and cleaning the oil well in time is the best choice. (2) understanding of the chemical composition of ethanol gasoline: the problem caused by ethanol gasoline has appeared two or three years ago, because the sulphate is too high in the ethanol gasoline. When sulphate content reaches 8 ~ 20ppm (PPM: 1 PM), there will be some problems. Sulfate can pass through the filter in liquid form and then solidify in the injector second days after the engine is extinguished. The study provides that when the sulphate does not exceed 4ppm, the fuel injector failure rate can be greatly reduced. Additives can be added to the fuel so that the fuel system can be cleaned to prevent deposits from plugging the injector. (3) several ways of fuel contamination: oil tankers, oil depots, oil tankers, oil tanks or oil pumps at petrol stations, and even fuel tanks in cars. Most types of dirt will be filtered out by the filter, but some will still pass through the filter, and finally form the sediment in the injector, and block the injector. When ethanol gasoline is used for the first time, more dirt is dissolved in the tank than the vehicle that has been using ethanol gasoline, which has been using high sulphate concentration. In short, the failure of fuel injectors can be caused by many reasons. Fuel problems and engine conditions may lead to problems with injectors. 2. in the light of the current situation in China, we hope that the R & D department will improve relevant hardware or software to change the current problems and improve customer satisfaction. Troubleshooting: (1) transfer the ignition coil and spark plug for the ignition cylinder and its ignition cylinder, and then test the car to update the fault parts; the next step is not transferred. (2) the cylinder pressure measurement (problem handling, no problem with the next step), for the cylinder injector with more times of fire, the remaining injector triggers the needle valve to use the cleaning agent for the instant cleaning, and then the external cleaning. (3) clean the valve and the intake of the inlet of the inlet thoroughly (it can be removed once more), and the spark plugs can be replaced according to the combustion conditions. (4) in the course of the test, the 1~3 gear is used and the speed is at 5000 ~ 6000r/min for a period of large load test. The purpose of the engine's fuel system, the intake system and other components to take part in the work is to make up the negative effects caused by the fuel and the environment caused by the driver's careful driving. (5) the matching of ready readiness code for engine electronic control system is best implemented. (6) for fuel handling, owners are required to insist on using gasoline additives from manufacturers. It is recommended to regularly clean fuel tanks. (7) communicate with the owner to choose fuel carefully, replace the fuel filter on time, adhere to the gasoline additive and regularly make the engine work for a period of time, and do not let the inferior fuel affect the ignition and fuel injection of the vehicle again.