Fukang car scrubber do not spray washing liquid
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A Fukang 988 car, when opening the scrubber switch, does not spray the scrubber on the scrubber nozzle, but the wiper is working normally in all gears. Troubleshooting: (1) failure cause analysis, according to the failure phenomenon analysis, possible causes of failure are: 1) there is no washing liquid in the washing pot. 2) the breakage of the washing liquid tube or the blockage of the nozzle. 3) there is a circuit breaker in the connection line of the washing pump. 4) the washing pump was damaged. (2) troubleshooting method 1) check the washing tank, washing liquid tube and nozzle intuitively. 2) pull down the line plug of the washing pump line, and measure the voltage between the two terminals of the line plug of the washing pump with the DC voltage file of the multimeter when the washing pump switch is switched on, and there is a 12V voltage, indicating that the connection line of the washing pump is good. 3) measure the resistance between the two terminals of the washing pump with the resistance meter of the multimeter, and the resistance is infinity, indicating that there is a circuit breaker inside the motor of the washing pump. (3) troubleshooting measures to replace the new washing pump, scrubber can be sprayed out of the washing liquid, troubleshooting. Failure analysis: if the failure phenomenon is not to spray washing liquid when the washing switch is connected, and the scraper has no water scraping, the possible cause of the failure also includes the power circuit and the FU9 fuse and the scrubber switch in the right combination switch. When troubleshooting, the FU9 fuse in the fuse box of the driver's cab should first be inspected, and then the power supply line and combination switch are checked.

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