Land Rover found 4 engine trouble lights
  • Automotive

A mileage of about 60 thousand km, the model LM, and the Land Rover AJ engine in 2013 found 4 sports utility vehicles. User reflection: the car engine failed to light. Inspection and analysis: maintenance personnel detect engine control unit and find fault code P0170---- engine mixture too thin. Refresh engine phosphorus, unit control procedures, trial run failure still. Measurement of fuel oil pressure, normal. Clean the injector and replace its O ring. Check the intake manifold to be well sealed. Check the exhaust pipe, no clogging. Check the air flow timing and unconsciously detect the rupture of the hose from the sensor to the throttle. It is considered that this was accidentally damaged when the hose was removed and replaced when the last air filter was replaced. Because this hose is behind the air flowmeter, a part of the air has entered the engine without measuring, causing the mixture to be too thin. Troubleshooting: replacement hose, troubleshooting.