Car maintenance in summer "moving" and "static" combined effect is better.
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In the early morning of July 9th, a van in Neijiang Dongxing district was self igniting; in the afternoon of July 10th, a business car in the direction of Fuxi came to spontaneous combustion in Dongxing. In the near future, as the temperature is high, car blowout or spontaneous combustion accidents are frequent. Experts remind that the high load operation in summer, the wear and fatigue of the machine parts will be more severe than usual, and the correct maintenance is particularly important. So if a car for the summer "heatstroke" maintenance? Yesterday, West China City reading a reporter came to a car maintenance shop in Dongxing District, Neijiang, the staff who are checking for the car tell the reporter that there are many places to pay attention to in summer, such as car owners themselves can not put lighter in the car, carbonated drinks and so on. . At the same time, the owners should consider more about summer maintenance when they send their cars to do professional maintenance. The chef suggested that some high viscosity oils should be selected in summer, because the viscosity of the oil will change with the increase of temperature. When the temperature is higher, the viscosity of the oil decreases, and the oxidation resistance becomes worse. This may cause the oil film formed inside the engine is thin and uneven, and it is easy to cause failure. "Summer is a high occurrence period of automobile spontaneous combustion accidents. There are many reasons for automobile self ignition, such as engine gasoline filter fault, line fault, power cord aging and so on. In general, we will remind our customers to check and maintain more vehicles on time, so that we can better prevent spontaneous combustion accidents. The maintenance master said. In addition, the master also hopes that the car will mainly develop a good habit of using cars, such as shutting down the engine and configuring fire extinguishers in time. Maintenance at the same time, the car owners should also buy self ignition insurance in case, auto ignition may cause casualties, will also cause economic losses, need to pay more attention. The high temperature of antifreeze in summer also caused rapid evaporation of antifreeze. Therefore, vehicles often check whether there is a lack of coolant. If there is a lack, we need to add the same brand of antifreeze in time. Insiders pointed out that do not want to add other brands of antifreeze or water. This is because antifreeze is the main working medium in the automobile engine cooling system, its main function is to make the engine cooling system through forced circulation, so that the engine can maintain the appropriate working temperature. Data show that 46% of the traffic accidents on the highway are caused by the failure of the tire, and one of the tire blowout accounts for 70% of the total amount of the tire malfunction, the light is the discarding of the vehicle, and the weight endangering the safety of the driver. If the weather is hot in summer and the temperature of the pavement is high, if the tire is inflated too well, the gas pressure increases with the high temperature expansion and the rapid driving may cause the tire explosion; the other may cause the flat tire to be the opposite, and some owners think that the tire pressure is low to avoid the excessive tire pressure. The result of low tire pressure is the over pressure of the fetal wall and the result is still prone to tire blowout. The industry suggested that the safe way is to maintain the correct tire pressure of the tire, and should check carefully whether there are foreign objects in the tire. In summer, rainstorms are frequent and cars pass through low-lying water. Therefore, the rainy day driving more conservative plan is in the uncertainty of water depth, try not to drive the water, if you have to pass, and as much as possible to wait for the water level. The reporter consulted the relevant information about how to judge the safety water level: before the water level reached the 2/3 of the front bumper or the tire, the general wading was no problem. If the water level is too high, unless the vehicle is properly protected, it is not recommended. It is important to ensure that there is no near distance vehicle during the wading process, so as to avoid damage to vehicles caused by other vehicles rolling up the water waves beyond the safe water level. Long time driving is also considered in the summer high temperature. The industry suggests that we should avoid long driving as far as possible. During the journey, you can rest properly and find a cool ventilated place to park. The industry has warned that if the pointer of the thermometer has been pointing to near high temperature zone, then the car must be stopped to turn the engine off. If water is used to cool the radiator, be careful not to wet the line.