The Elysee car's electric window cannot be raised
  • Automotive

A Citroen Elysee car with a mileage of over 260 thousand km in 2002. After the car stops, it wants to close the window. There is no response to the side window of the driver's seat, while the windows of other doors can rise and close. Troubleshooting: (1) failure cause analysis, according to failure phenomenon analysis, possible causes of failure are: 1) driving seat side window switch damage. 2) the driving motor of the driver's seat side window is burnt out. 3) driving side window drive motor control circuit has circuit breakers. 4) there is a malfunction (slip or jam) on the driving mechanism of the driver's side window. (2) troubleshooting method 1) verify the fault, press the upwards window switch, the window glass does not rise, but when one press down the window switch, the window glass can drop, can remove the motor and control line of the fault possible. 2) at the same time, the window glass is pulled up by hand, while the window glass can rise gradually under the drive of the motor, but it is loosened in the process of rising, sometimes accompanied by the sound of "da da da da da". According to the above inspection results, the cause of the trouble is that the lifting and driving mechanism of the window glass is stuck. (3) the fault treatment measures are not easy to disassemble because the window glass lifting mechanism and motor of the car are not easy to disassemble, so the window glass elevator assembly is replaced, the window glass lifting is restored to normal and the fault is ruled out. Fault analysis: the electric window can be downwards (open window), and the window can rise with the hand assisting car window. The cause of the fault is not only the stagnation of the glass lifting mechanism but also the poor performance of the motor, because when the electromagnetic torque produced by the motor is too low, it can often open the window (the load is small) and the load when the window is closed. Larger, the electromagnetic torque of the motor can not overcome the rising resistance of the window, it will show that the electric window can open the window, but there is no reaction when the window is closed.