Santana's 3000 power is not enough to speed up
  • Automotive

Fault phenomenon: a Santana 3000 car, accumulative mileage is 450 thousand km, the engine has insufficient power, poor acceleration, easy to extinguish the fault. Inspection and analysis: first start the engine test run, engine idle speed is not stable, acceleration is not smooth, there is a tempering phenomenon. Connection VAG 1552 detection, no fault code storage. According to the maintenance experience, tempering phenomenon indicates that the mixture is too thin. So the pressure of the fuel system was measured, and the oil meter pointer was fluctuated in 150 kPa-200 kPa. (after inquiry, it was found that the car had replaced the gasoline pump before the maintenance of our factory), indicating that the fuel system had the phenomenon of pressure relief, and a comprehensive inspection of the gasoline pipeline was carried out, and no problems were found. Then start the engine again, and use the carp clamp to return to the oil soft camp, the readings on the oil pressure meter are still in the 150 kPa-200 kPa fluctuation, there is no oil pressure rising phenomenon, indicating that the oil pressure regulator has no problem, it should be the failure of the gasoline pump pressure relief valve, and then replace the gasoline pump again, but measure the fuel pressure to find the fuel pressure depending on the fuel pressure. The old part shows that there should be no problem with the mechanical part. Therefore, the line side connector of the fuel pump is pulled out, the starting engine measuring the supply voltage of the fuel pump is about 9V, indicating that the fault is caused by the insufficient working voltage of the gasoline pump. Check the fuel pump's tie line (at the end of the rear end of the trunk). It is found that the bolts of the fixed line have been seriously corroded, resulting in poor iron. Troubleshooting: clean up the fuel pump by fixing the bolts on the wire.