Frequent burning of the fuse of the fuel oil pump in the speed - up vehicle
  • Automotive

Failure phenomenon: a FAW Volkswagen sedan (using 1.6 LBWH engine and manual transmission), the cumulative driving 42 thousand and 300 km, the sudden appearance of the driving can not speed up, then the engine flameout, the flameout after the failure of the machine. It was found that the fuse of the fuel pump (SC27 15A) was fused, and the engine was restored to normal after the fuse was replaced, but after the car was running for a period of time, the above failure would appear again. The fuel pump fuse has been changed 6 times at the maintenance station, but the problem has not been completely solved. Inspection and analysis: a preliminary examination is made according to the fault phenomenon described by the user. It is found that the 5C27 position fuse seat in the fuse box on the left side of the dashboard has been severely deformed, and the plastic cover outside the fuse has fallen off, leaving only the metal part (Figure 1). According to the owner, the new fuse can drive nearly 10 thousand km at the beginning of the new fuse, but the frequency of replacing fuse is getting higher and higher. Finally, the service station simply changes the fuse to 20A, and the time of insisting can be a little longer.