ZTE pickup truck engine slow response, lack of power.
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Fault phenomenon: a ZTE pickup coach car, engine acceleration reaction slow, lack of power. Check and analysis: after understanding, it has been known that the engine has been in the engine for more than half a month, but because the students can use it reluctantly, it has not been repaired, and now the trainees should use the car on the road practice, the above fault seriously affected the normal use, because this must be excluded from the fault. First test the car to verify the failure phenomenon. Engine idle speed is normal, slowly acceleration engine speed can easily speed up to 4500 R / min, rapid acceleration can only speed up to 1500 R / min, speed can not continue to lift. Because the engine starting performance and idle speed are all normal, and the engine fault lights are not bright, the fault is locked as a non electronic control system fault, which should be the fault of intake and exhaust, oil supply or ignition. After removing the air filter and oxygen sensor, start the engine trial run, and the trouble remains. Because the engine starts and idles normally, the spark plug has not been replaced yet. Next, we wanted to test the fuel pressure, but because the oil pressure meter was not in, it was only necessary to lift the car with the lifting machine and remove the gasoline filter. It was found that the gasoline filter was clean, almost no water and dirty, and the owner reflected the gasoline filter for less than 2 months. However, I still have doubts about the filter, so the 2 oil pipes of the gasoline filter are connected to start the engine test, and the above failure phenomenon has disappeared. It seems that the fault is caused by the gasoline filter. Elimination method: replace the gasoline filter.