Honda rhyme car refrigerator can't start
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Model Honda Stream (rhyme) (JHMRN32002), the model is the year of Stream, with a total running of 190 thousand km. Failure: Engine chiller (morning) can not start. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: the car was first dragged to our factory for repair. The test found that the engine was really difficult to start, but the starter was working normally. First, check with HDS, no fault code. Then check the ignition system, pull off the ignition coil three needle wire side connector line, connect the ignition switch, measure its power terminal voltage, for the battery voltage, normal. Then a ignition coil was removed, the spark plug was mounted and the fire test was carried out. The spark plug was normal when the starter was running. Then the spark plug was removed and the 4 spark plugs were soaked in the head. Then 4 spark plugs were replaced. Then the engine found that the engine could start the machine immediately and use HDS. Check, no abnormal, the car out of the factory. On the third day, the engine of the car was unable to start again. We dragged it to our factory for inspection and found that the spark plug was wetted by the petrol again. The cylinder pressure is measured at about 1.1 MPa, normal. The pressure of the fuel system is measured at 320 kPa. After 30 min quenching, the pressure is maintained at 150 kPa, and the fuel system pressure is normal. Using HDS to check engine data flow, no abnormal data were found. Remove the injector test, the fuel injectors and atomization are good, no fouling and leakage. Because when the spark plug is dry, the engine can start the engine, indicating that the engine has the starting condition, so the car is stopped in the store and checked again on the morning of the two day. The second day in the morning before starting the engine, the spark plug was removed and the head was observed without gasoline. Through the spark plug installation hole, the inner cylinder was observed. With the help of a strong flashlight, there seemed to be liquid on the top of the piston. A 20mm long white paper was fixed to the top of the piston to get the liquid on the top of the piston. From the sample, the liquid is not a gasoline, it should be a antifreeze, check the top of the piston of the other three cylinders, and also have liquid. From this analysis, it is doubted that the cylinder pad is damaged, but the owner reflects the engine temperature always normal, check the storage tank, find the antifreeze less about 1.5 L, and will hair after adding the coolant. The motive starts the machine, and a small amount of bubbles can be seen from the liquid opening. When the speed rises, the bubbles become more. So it was decided to change the cylinder pad. Remove cylinder head inspection, cylinder head flatness error below 0.15 mm, can continue to use. After replacement of cylinder gasket, the engine is successfully started at one time. On the morning of the second day, the engine was tested again, and the engine was running smoothly.