Passat B5 car cold car without idle speed
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After receiving the vehicle, the trouble code is: 01165 the throttle control unit J338 has not reached the adjustment limit and the 17967 throttle control component J338 has basically set fault. Unplug the throttle body plug and turn on the ignition switch. There are 3 sensor voltages such as 5V, 5.1V and 4.9V. The idle switch F60 has a 10.49V voltage and the junction voltage is 0V. Install the plug, pull the throttle gate G88 has the signal voltage of 0.6V from 4.42V to full open, the G69 signal voltage 3.72V is 3.72V, the 1 foot motor control line open key and the car running without voltage. The measurement of idle speed motor is 18.5 Omega. The data flow shows that the throttle opening of 01 groups and 3 areas is 4.34 degrees, and the 23 sets of load display 72.16%, 72.16%, 54.12%. The data of the 98 groups are throttle voltage 4.40V, 3.72V, the throttle state is idle, and the matching state is wrong. The above data analysis may result in failure of the control unit and can not normally output idle speed control signal. In order to prevent misjudgement, the power supply of the control unit was checked, and the connection between the plug and the internal solder joints was not found. The control unit is transferred to the vehicle electronic maintenance personnel for testing, and feedback is not found abnormal. It is recommended to re find the vehicle fault. Analysis of this car for the old car in 2001, idle motor wear aging may be larger, decided to use current load test. After pulling down the 80 pin of the control unit, the sixty-sixth needle is connected with the positive electricity, the 59 needle is scraped back and forth with the negative pole of the battery. The motor has no reaction, then the resistance is not passed, the rice hand knocks and the value is flickered. Because several times are difficult to determine, simply remove the throttle body open the side cover, directly on the motor 2 terminal measurement, it is not feasible. This is the case with the continuous opening and closing of the throttle. Because of the higher cost of replacing the throttle body assembly, the 1 idle motor is installed on the principle of saving money for customers, and the idle speed of hot and cold cars is normal.