Santana 2000 Jung 01N transmission is shifting impact when traveling.
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Santana 2000 handsome car, assembled 01N transmission, in the process of shifting impact. Fault diagnosis: first, communicating with the owner, that the vehicle was repaired in a certain factory due to the stalling of the gear, and then there was a shift impact. The road test showed that there was a sense of impact when the 2 gear was up to 3 gears, and all the other gears were normal. Connect V. A. 55053 read code, no fault code. Read the data flow, the result does not find an exception, thereby eliminating the failure of the electronic control system. Next, the oil pressure test of the transmission is carried out. The D position pressure is 344.5 kPa, which indicates normal breakdown of hydraulic control. Electric control and hydraulic pressure are normal, only mechanical failure can be considered. First, analyze the working principle of the OIN type transmission. 2 transmission line: pump wheel. Turbine to K1, small sun wheel, short star wheel, long star wheel, sun wheel fixed rack, gear ring output. 3 file direct transmission route: K1 and K3 work together at the same time, the whole planet gear is integrated into direct gear transmission. Through the above analysis, the 2 gear 3 gear is B, stop working, K3 start the work process, if they do not synchronize the two will cause the car, not the shift impact. To now be sure the fault appears in the K3. To disintegrate the transmission, it is found that the gap of K3 is small. Later, we replace the original steel sheet and friction plate. The clearance is still less than normal distance. The gap between the new steel sheet and the friction plate should be changed. Why is it smaller this time? Later, the K3 shell was found to be uneven, and the malfunction was finally found and replaced. Later, it was analyzed that the malfunction was caused by the improper operation of the repairmen in assembling K1, K2 and K3 after replacement of new steel sheets and friction sheets, resulting in K3 deformation and failure.