Four Misunderstandings of turbocharged engines are not difficult to maintain.
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The good debate between natural inspiratory and turbocharged engines has not stopped, especially many people have misunderstandings about the maintenance and maintenance of turbocharged engines. It is considered that there is no natural aspirating engine, which has been at a disadvantage in the debate, and the second second hand car in Guangzhou shows some of the mistakes. Mistake. Many people think that the speed of a turbocharged engine in a congested section is not going to go, this is wrong. It is mainly to see how the turbine will play a role in the speed of the turbo. The early engine has a high speed to be able to play a role, so there is this defect, and now there is a great improvement in the 2000 turn. The 2000 turn is also quite easy to achieve. Many people think turbocharged engines are more coddled and more expensive. In fact, this is not necessary. In the instructions, it is clear that the turbocharged model can add 93 (Beijing standard 92) gasoline, and what standard gasoline is based on the compression ratio of the engine, and does it use a turbine to increase it. Pressure technology has nothing to do with it. This is the early situation, the early use of mechanical water pump to cool down, after the extinguishing of the mechanical water pump does not work, can not cool the turbine effectively, now this problem is solved, the use of electronic pumps, cooling after the cooling function work, and with the improvement of technology, the temperature of the turbine will not be very high on the road. There is no need to delay the stall. In addition to running high speed for a long time, we should pay attention to it. Many people think that turbochargers are cooled by oil. In winter, the oil temperature is low, it is impossible to lubricate the car. It is completely wrong to improve the engine oil temperature for a long time. Many experts explain that a long time hot car not only does not benefit the maintenance of the turbine, but also increases the exhaust gas. It only needs about 2 of the hot car. Minutes, when the speed reaches 1000, slow driving, when the water temperature and oil temperature to normal, you can drive all.