The idle speed of Volkswagen can not fall
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The mileage is about 90 thousand km, the 2010 Volkswagen Langyi 1.6 manual block car equipped with CLS engine and 5 gear manual transmission. User response: the idling speed of the vehicle can not drop at 1000 r/min. Inspection and analysis: maintenance personnel connect to VAS5052 fault diagnosis instrument to detect engine control unit J220, memory no fault prompt. When the engine idling, the 3 sets of data were read and measured at 1080 r/min, 25 kPa, 3.9%21.00; 55 group 3 was 1.2%. After the battery is power-off for a long time, the 55 groups of 3 zones are zeroed, but the idle speed is still higher than the normal value. Enter the body control unit to read 60 sets of data. The measured value in the 1 zone is 14.2 V, and the measurement value in the 2 area is not enabled. This indicates that the body control unit does not start load management, and the idle speed is not related to this. The 62 values of the engine control unit are 13%, 86%, 18% and 8%. After cleaning the throttle, the basic setting is reset, and the idle speed control problem is invalid. The acceleration test was carried out. After the engine speed reached 3000 r/min, the speed decelerated and the speed decreased slowly. The 111.3 group was 2240 r/min, 22 kPa, 9% and 34 degrees. From the 62 sets of measured values 17%, 82%, 18% and 8%, the accelerator pedal position sensor was initially mistaken. When the normal vehicle loosens the accelerator pedal, the measured value of G79 and G185 should be 14%, 7%. The measured values of G79 and G185 of the vehicle are 18% and 8%, which indicates that the accelerator pedal does not return to zero and the idle speed rises to more than 1000 r/min should be related to this. Troubleshooting: remove the accelerator pedal, the T6 connector that does not take off the pedal position sensor, unscrew the fixed bolt (long hole) on the sensor body, and adjust it (Figure 1), so that the measuring value of the position sensor is 14%, 7% under the condition that the accelerator pedal is completely loosened. Then test the car to confirm the troubleshooting.