Maintenance skills of maintenance knowledge of electric windows
  • Automotive

The electric window system is made up of window, window lifter, motor, relay, switch and so on. The electric window is a very convenient design. Today we will explain the common breakdown and maintenance skills of electric window. The electric window system is made up of window, window lifter, motor, relay, switch and so on. The general electric window system is equipped with two sets of control switches. A suit is installed on the door handrail of the dashboard or driver's side, and the main switch is driven by the driver to control the rise and fall of each vehicle window. Another set is installed on each passenger door as a separate switch, which can be operated by passengers. Generally, the main switch is equipped with a circuit breaker. If it is disconnected, it will not work. The electric window is a very convenient design in the parking lot or to the fast food shop. The mechanical device is not complex, and the oil supply is the mainstay of the maintenance. However, because the mechanical device is located inside the door, the inner cover needs to be removed. The concealed screw inside the fixed inner cover can be found inside the concave part of the door handle. Use gear and cable device with arm fulcrum and slide part as refueling center. It is very important to restore the original cover with waterproof plastic. The fouling of window glass will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the visual field. Too dirty will affect the movement of the electric switch window. To prevent rainwater from flowing into the car, a rubber belt is attached to the top of the window frame, which is also a constant contact with the glass. After the glass is damaged, the friction between the glass and the rubber belt will increase, and the switch will also be affected, so the glass must be kept clean. The power consumption of the electric switch window is very large, and the moment of the activation of the slow car will even make the engine sound change, so the car with the weak battery should not open or close the window at the same time. 1. the reason for the unsmooth operation of the electric window is that the oil in the elevator inside the door is depleted. 2. if the glass is completely unable to act, it may be a switch failure. If it is a fault of the switch, it can only be replaced. 3. if the electronic device does not act, it is common sense to check the fuse. Examine the fuse carefully for electric windows. The 4. switch is in bad motion and the window can not be opened smoothly. The possibility of the switch failure is very high. 5. first, remove the inner cover before filling the internal mechanism. Remove hidden screws and remove quick acting switch. 6. take off the inner lid and peel the waterproof plastic paper below to show the lifting mechanism of the window. 7. spray oil on the interior of the brachial pivot and gear. While moving up and down, spraying on one side can make a very small part painted. 8. the sliding parts at both ends of the supporting glass also need to be inspected. Glass and heat conduction slip condition is poor, can be coated with brightening agent. 9. in order to smooth the glass, it is important to minimize resistance. Fouling of glass will also become resistance, and windows should be kept clean.