Automobile maintenance knowledge engine oil burning fault analysis
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In the use of imported cars, some 1~2 kilometers of driving start to smoke blue smoke, burn oil, not only make the oil consumption increase, but also make the piston, piston ring and cylinder wear more and more, and pollute the spark plug, so that the engine is unstable and the power is obviously reduced. The direct reason for burning oil is that the oil moves into the combustion chamber between the piston and the cylinder, and the combustion chamber is inhaled from the carburetor inlet through the crankcase ventilation device. (1) the influence of cylinder, piston and piston ring on cylinder oil channeling: at present, the lubrication of the engine is combined with pressure lubrication and splash lubrication, and the air pumping wall is lubricated by spatter. In the work, the cylinder wall, piston ring and piston are filled with oil, when the three match the normal, the oil will not go up; when the three partners are not normal, the cylinder wall and the piston oil will move into the combustion chamber, this is the main cause of oil channeling. After the engine works for a certain time, the radial width of the piston ring decreases, the elasticity decreases, the opening gap becomes larger, and the sealing and scraping effect becomes worse. The piston ring groove clearance increases, which strengthens the pump oil function of piston ring. The wear of the cylinder and piston increases the clearance, so that the oil in the gap increases, and the oil is scraped into the combustion chamber when the piston goes up. After oil channeling, it is easy to generate coke and accelerate the loss of cylinder grinder, resulting in a vicious circle. (2) the impact of piston ring sticking on oil channeling: during repair, a lot of burning oil was produced due to piston ring sticking. When the piston ring is dead in the ring groove, the piston ring loses its elasticity and the seal becomes worse. Not only does the piston take into the combustion chamber a lot of oil when the piston goes up, but also the high pressure gas of the piston moves into the crankcase, which makes the pressure in the crankcase higher and the spatter oil enters the intake port through the crankcase ventilator. When the engine oil and mixed gas are entered into the combustor, it is found that when the crankcase ventilator is channeling gas seriously and the oil is oil in the carburetor, it should be eliminated in time when the piston ring is dead. (3) the influence of engine warranty quality on gas channeling oil: the quality of motor repair has a great influence on cylinder oil channeling. The cylinder's roundness, cylindricity error and surface roughness are too large. The piston ring water is selected by the piston ring, and the vertical degree of the central line of the cylinder and the central line of the crankshaft is overbiased. During maintenance, the carbon deposition of the piston is clean, the piston ring is reversed, the ring mouth is not properly distributed and the clearance of the ring gap is too large. (4) the effect of the quality of the piston ring on the cylinder oil channeling: it is the same for the imported automobile engine which is new to replace the piston ring, and the cylinder oil is mostly caused by the quality of the piston ring. At present, the imported piston ring has a lot of poor quality, lack of elastic force and poor elastic endurance. It is not good to adapt to the deformation of cylinder liner, which is the main reason for the cylinder running after the irregular mileage of the imported cars. (5) the effect of oil selection on the oil channeling of the cylinder: the viscosity of the oil affects the thickness of the lubricating oil film, the excessive viscosity of the oil will reduce the lubrication efficiency, aggravate the wear of the machine parts, especially when the oil is too thin, it is more easy to cause the cylinder to run oil. Deterioration of oil or dilution of gasoline will increase oil consumption. In addition, too much oil, too high oil pressure, bad ventilation on the crankshaft and high temperature of the motor will aggravate the oil channeling of the cylinder.