Practical car repair knowledge to summarize why driving frequently
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Car stalling is a headache for cars, especially on some remote roads. In fact, there are many reasons for vehicle stalling, including four major categories, including automatic extinguishment, intermittent extinction, outturn caused by external conditions and inability to fire. 1, automatic type of vehicle will not easily appear the phenomenon of flameout, and manual gear model because of low driving level, may often appear flameout phenomenon. However, it is not ruled out that the automatic gearbox will not stall. The main reason is the use of inferior fuel to cause carbon deposition and flameout. 2, in addition, the main reason for the new car to flameout is that the driving technology is not skilled, another possibility is the problem of automobile engine or oil road, but for the new car, the problem of the engine itself is less likely, most of the reason is the problem of oil road. 3, in the end, for the old model, the reason for the extinguishment is that the driving technology is not skilled enough, that is to use the oil that is not up to the standard to make the engine set off the carbon and so on. Automatic gear auto quenching fault elimination method: usually pay attention to the place: for automatic stall, the phenomenon of the car is still used the poor quality of fuel oil. One is to add high standard oil to the regular more large gas stations, such as the use of No. 97 gasoline, although the price is much more expensive, but it can guarantee the longer life of the car and the good power in the exercise. However, some owners are interested in cheap and 90 oil, although the price is lower, but there may be problems in the future. Two is to go to large qualified gas station refueling! Actual operation: hold the direction of the steering wheel firmly with the left hand, the right foot stepping on the brake force to reduce the speed as much as possible, and then quickly hit the AT file to the N gear, then return the key to a lattice, then replay the fire, and then restore the AT gear to the D gear normally. Manual gear car flameout troubleshooting method: 1, for the novice, the half way is not a new topic, the main method of the elimination of rapid grinding to improve their driving technology. 2. Use high quality and qualified fuel. 3, thoroughly clean the oil way, including fuel injection nozzle, throttle valve, fuel tank and so on. It may be that the quality of the oil you added is not too good, too much gum, blocking up the oil circuit and causing poor oil attack. Automobile maintenance and maintenance net 4, the cause of the failure of the car under idle state is mainly due to the excessive dust in the air. When the engine is running, the idle motor valve core and the throttle seat deposit have a lot of dirt. When the dirt is accumulated too much, the engine will have a low idle speed, the idle speed is poor, and the driving will be running. There is an idle flameout. The solution to this problem is simple: just clean the idle motor. 5, whether the oil circuit is smooth, which is also easy to cause half way to stall. 6, because of the rise in oil prices, plus many people like to return to cycling and walking to work, the new car is not used for a long time. In fact, do not stop for a long time. In case of a longer parking time, a thorough maintenance should be made before reusing, replacing oil and mechanical filters, and checking the fuel and circuit according to the circumstances. Your vehicle may cause lubrication or circuit problems due to long-term parking.