Fault analysis of high speed and abnormal noise of towing gear
  • Automotive

What about the skidding of the uphill gearbox? Mr. Tsang asked: when the car is uphill, the gearbox stalls after a setback. After the car is turned, the oil gearbox is skidded and the car is sliding down. What should we do? Reply: the phenomenon that the gearbox slips and the vehicle slips down. Most of the cases are caused by the poor performance of the gearbox itself, which may be caused by the abnormal wear or low oil pressure inside the gearbox. If this happens more frequently, it is recommended to drive to a special shop in time for on-site inspection of the gearbox's performance. What is the reason for the high speed of the hot car? Reader Miss Li asked: in the morning, when I was in the hot car, I found that the speed of the car was very high, and it never came down. What is the reason? Reply: if it is a new car, it is suggested to go to the 4S shop for idling matching; if the age of the car is longer (more than 20 thousand km) or not often maintained, it is suggested to go to the maintenance shop or the 4S store for the cleaning of the intake system. If the age of the car is old, it is suggested that the basic contact of the throttle be adjusted to allow the control unit. There is a default minimum idle speed. How do the tow gear have a different noise? The reader, Mr. Zhu, asked, "when the car is dragging the gear, the engine has a different noise, especially when it is climbing or speeding up the engine room. What is it to do with the engine room?" Reply: this happens when high load and low revolutions occur, that is to say, the situation of towing. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner of the car should increase the number of engine and change the gear properly when it is climbing or speeding up such high load. This phenomenon will weaken or disappear.