Maintenance of the big class: save time and money to repair the car
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Car owners do maintenance, sometimes you can not go to professional shops, you can do it yourself. Drivers who often drive cars must have encountered trouble with minor faults. Money does not count. A small mistake often takes a long time to work. In fact, all minor ailments can be checked by themselves and done by themselves. Saving time and saving money, Xiaobian summed up the following 3 items. You may as well try. N0.1 wiper blade abnormal vibration and noise Description: due to the change of season and the frequent use of the summer wiper piece, and so on, after entering the fall, the vehicle's wiper piece often appears abnormal vibration, if to the 4S store, it will be told to change the wiper piece, often to be 100 8 ten yuan, it is not cost-effective. Little editor: if the above problems, you can use pliers to reduce the gap between the joints of the wiper piece and the rubber sheet, and check whether the wiper film is aging, if it is aging, it must be replaced. N0.2 after starting the car in the morning after the engine abnormal jitter Description: many owners in the autumn and winter season in the morning after the start of the car, on the road, the result found that the vehicle engine is very severe, to the 4S shop inspection, but the results did not find out any problems. Little editor: the simple handling of wobble in the morning: individual cylinder work is not good, valve closure is not strict, and the oil does not reach the best working temperature, it will make the vehicle engine jitter abnormal, running high speed is a way, also in the 3 or 4 gear high speed to run a moment, the same effect. N0.3 light dim influence lighting Description: some vehicles due to long-term use, the car's front and rear lights will appear dark phenomenon, some consumers think the light yellow, the aging problem should be replaced, but also may be stains into the lamp glass cover, without changing. Long term use of vehicles will dim the lights, use alcohol to wipe the bulb OK. Small editor: if this problem, you can use alcohol to wipe the bulb again, eliminate fingerprints and oil pollution, so that can extend the life of the bulb.