Car maintenance should be done at seven points for safe driving
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Cars are becoming more and more popular now, and there are more and more cars running on the roads. It's convenient to drive far away, but cars, like people, work a lot and rest and maintain. In daily driving, owners should have good habits to reduce the attrition of cars. Methods / steps to use the car properly, do not over speed and overload, avoid fast acceleration and drive at a uniform speed as far as possible. Maintain regular maintenance. Facts have proved that vehicle maintenance is important for vehicle emission quality. Some cars are discharged when they come out of the factory, but there will be such problems in the process of use. It is necessary to maintain and maintain their cars in a good state of operation. If the maintenance is not timely, it will cause more pollution due to high emissions. Such as: checking the automobile ignition system, detecting the leakage in time, checking the obstruction valve, checking the air pipe, using the clean filter, avoiding the oil of combustion, avoiding the use of low-grade lubricating oil, etc. The OBD system is repaired in time after the failure of the system. Vehicle inspection once a year has limited effect on vehicle emission control. But after OBD is installed, it is completely different. It can monitor the emission level of vehicles at any time. If the emission is not up to standard, OBD will issue a warning and notify the driver to repair it in time. The key to Europe III is the use of OBD. Use oil correctly and use clean fuel. Change the vehicle without disorderly change. Choose "green tires". The so-called "green tire" is also known as green tire or low pollution tires. "Green" is mainly shown in the case of good grip performance without losing the tire rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions, effectively protecting the environment. As early as the 90s of the last century, tire engineers found that if the use of special treated silica instead of traditional carbon black as a reinforcing material for tread rubber, it can not only reduce the pollution of carbon black and aromatics, but also reduce the tire rolling resistance and reduce the oil consumption. Gas emissions are reduced and environmental impacts are greater. The vehicle should be scrapped and updated on time. Reduce the impact of vehicle pollution. Do not decorate the car at will; do not use the inferior car perfume or air freshener; when encountered serious traffic jam, or follow the exhaust emissions may exceed the vehicle driving, should close the car window, adjust the air conditioning, warm air switch to the car self circulation mode; check the engine cover and chassis leakage often, when found in the car When the exhaust is leaked, it is not suitable to open the air conditioner, not to sleep in the car with air conditioning, so as not to be dangerous. The air conditioner will absorb a lot of dust in the use of the air, forming dirt, a long time, mildew, and then emanating through the air conditioner to the car, it is easy to inhale the body in the car. Every time, the air conditioning will reach the maximum block. Blowing up for half an hour can effectively prevent dust accumulation. Attention should be taken to remove items near the intake to ensure normal air circulation.