An emergency little trick for the dangerous maintenance measures of car oil leakage
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Under normal circumstances, after a long journey, it is easy to fail. However, there are some signs when problems arise. If the vehicle is abnormal, the first thing to do is to be calm and calm, do not panic, choose the right parking place, and check the cause of the failure after parking. Usually using visual diagnosis method, that is, under the condition of no machine detection, through the eye, hand touch, nose sniffing, ear listening and other methods, the car itself work condition is checked. For example, according to the oil consumption, gas, liquid leakage, the different parts of the machine parts, and the abnormal smell and appearance of the car, the analysis and judgment are carried out to determine the cause of the failure, and then accurately determine the fault. Cleverly break the oil pipe with soap and cloth strip. When the oil pipe breaks, a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve suitable for the diameter of the tubing can be found. If the sleeves are not tight enough, the ends should be tightly tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage. Oil pipe rupture: when the tubing is broken, the rupture can be cleaned, coated with soap, wound with cloth strips or rubber cloth, and tied with wire, then a layer of soap. Oil pipe joint oil leakage: can be wrapped with cotton yarn at the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut and tubing joint, and can also chew bubble sugar or maltose into a paste, and apply it to the nut seat of the tubing. Leaking oil leakage: according to the size of the sand eye, the use of the corresponding specifications of the fuse, with hand hammer gently smash it into the sand eye, it can eliminate oil leakage, leakage. Two, prevention of vehicle leakage measures 1, pay attention to the role of liner. The gasket between the parts of the vehicle's stationary parts plays a role of leak proof and sealing. If the material, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, it will not play the role of sealing and leakproof, or even accidents. For example, the oil pan or valve cover is not easy to be compacted due to the large contact area, resulting in oil leakage. 2, all kinds of fastening nuts on the vehicle must be tightened according to the prescribed torque. Too loose pressure is not tight, and the liner will leak; too tight will cause the metal protruding around the screw hole or the thread will cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil sump is not tightened or loosed, it will easily cause the oil to run off, and then there will be an accident of "burning tile and holding the shaft". 3, replace the failure oil seal in time. Many movable parts on the vehicle will be thrown off the oil due to improper installation and different axes between the journal and the oil seal. Some oil seals are too long to lose elasticity due to rubber aging. It is found that the leakage should be updated in time. 4. Avoid one way valve and ventilation valve. As a result, the temperature inside the box increases, the oil and gas fills the whole space and the exhaust does not go out, thus increasing the pressure inside the case and increasing the consumption of lubricating oil and shortening the replacement cycle. After the engine's ventilation system is blocked, the piston's motion resistance is increased, and the fuel consumption is increased. Due to the difference of air pressure inside and outside the casing, it often causes leakage of oil at the weak part of the seal. Therefore, vehicles should be regularly checked, dredged and cleaned. 5, properly solve all kinds of oil pipe joint seal. The car coupling nut is often dismantling and easy to slide and break loose, which will cause oil leakage. Replace the union nut, use the grinding method to solve the cone sealing, so that the nut is pressed to solve the sealing problem. 6, avoid wheel shedding oil. The wheel hub bearing and the lubricating oil in the cavity are too much, or its oil packaging is not properly matched, the quality is bad and the aging is invalid; the wheel hub temperature is too high caused by the frequent brake, and the loose axle nut will cause the wheel hub to throw oil. Therefore, it is necessary to use the "cavity lubrication method" to dredge the blowhole. In this little editor, I wish the car friends a pleasant journey, a safe journey, and hope that everyone will drive and play in the children's safety, enjoy the pleasure and enjoy the home.