People only know smoking but they don't know that cigarettes can repair cars
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As we all know, smoking is harmful to health, but cigarette has some magical effects in automobile maintenance. Cigarette can not only be used to diagnose faults, but also can be used for temporary emergency under condition restriction or special emergency. To check valve sealing, smoke sealing method can be used to check the tightness of valve and valve seat. Wash the grinded valve and put it in the valve tube in order, hold the valve with the hand or the appropriate tool, then smoke a cigarette, blow the smoke into the already washed intake manifold and the exhaust manifold, and do not leak with the mouth of the mouth. At the same time, if there is smoke coming out between the valve and the valve seat, if there is no smoke, it will show that the valve is well sealed, otherwise it should be reground. Check whether the oil passage and air passages are open, and check whether each oil passage of the carburetor is smooth. The oil and vacuum pipelines of the carburetor, especially the imported carburetor, usually need to be blown through the compressed gas after the carburetor is cleaned, but which oil channels or vacuum airways really blow through, the operator is very difficult to judge, and thus causes a lot of rework. If the smoke rule is used, it is easy to find out whether each oil passage or airway is smooth. For example, a carburetor car has no idle speed, dismantling the carburetor, blowing and blowing through the gas, blowing the smoke with a hose, first from the idle oil hole, then to the idle air hole, and the smoke from the idling mixture gas adjustment screw at the end of the carburetor, so that the idle oil channel and the air passage are unblocked, otherwise it should be re checked. Look, until the smoke comes out. In the same way, the blowholes on the transmission, the rear axle housing, the steering gear shell and the engine crankcase gas one-way valve can be checked with the method of blowout, and then the overhaul or replacement is given according to the condition. If these components are blocked, the internal pressure will increase, which will cause oil leakage in all relevant parts and cause failure. Soot can be used as an abrasive and cigarette ash is a good abrasive. In repairing the carburetor, especially the carburetor of the imported car, it often meets the wear of the triangle needle valve and is not easy to buy. At this time, it can be used as a grinding agent to grind the triangle needle and the triangle needle valve seat. Cut tobacco can be leaking out. If you encounter a water leakage in the road, you can use tobacco when it comes. First of all, the larger radiator is flattened with the grip of the water tank, then the lid of the water tank is unscrewed and the thermostat is dismantled. Then the tobacco is crushed and the water from the water inlet is entered into the water tank, and the engine is started at the low, middle and high speed, so the tobacco will be adsorbed in the water leakage of the water tank core. When it is observed that the water leakage of the water tank is blocked up, the water cap can be covered. However, it should be noted that this can only be used as an emergency. The ugliness is cleaned by high pressure water and thoroughly repaired by water tanks. In addition, when tobacco comes, you should rush to local small area bleeding. It is not unusual to engage in automobile repair work. After bleeding, if the wound is covered with clean cigarette wire, it can play a temporary hemostasis and analgesic effect. The filter tip can be used as a filter nozzle for lubricating felt, and can temporarily replace the lubricating felt on the distributor cam. First, the filter tip on the head of the cigarette is stripped out of the outside paper, and the appropriate filter tip is stuffed into the metal clip of the felt. The extra parts can be cut with the scissors, and then a few drops of oil can be dripped on the felt. The above points are the author's work practice for many years, which is for reference only by colleagues. However, we should pay attention to the following points: to use filter cigarette smoke, such as with no filter cigarette, tobacco can be blown into the part of the part; smoking should pay attention to safety and fire prevention, at the same time to prevent ash into the precision movement.