Driving school: what happens if the accelerator has abnormal noise after acceleration?
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Readers, Mr. Lin asked: when the car is accelerating, the throttle has abnormal sound, and the engine is shaking very clearly. What do you want to do? Reply: This is the reason for the existence of carbon deposition in the intake system. It is recommended that the repair shop be cleaned. The engine shakes also has to go to the maintenance shop for inspection. The main object is the data analysis of the engine control unit and the combustion chamber. If the engine detonation sensor signal is mismatched, the above acceleration abnormal noise will be caused. Readers, Miss Tian asked: when the car was driving in the evening, the headlights suddenly went out, and the battery was just changed. How is this going to happen? Reply: for this situation, it is suggested that the 4S shop or the maintenance shop make the performance test on the integrated module of the headlamp to see if it is caused by its bad contact. If the control module plug corrosion, water and other virtual connection factors will cause the above phenomena to be caused by the bump Road conditions, for a variety of functions. Readers Mr. Li asked: when the car was 20 thousand kilometers away, it went to the shop to maintain it. But 4S shop said that the brake pad became thin and needed to be replaced. What is the reason for this? Answer: the general automatic transmission is compared with the front brake pad, because the same system is used for braking and clutch shifting. The front wheel brake dust depends on the material of the brake pad. It should not be a problem. Reader, Mr. Tang asked: Recently, the remote control lock of the automobile was found to be out of order, and there was an artificial signal disturbance nearby. What is the reason for this? Reply: the car body or the remote key itself is the reason. The failure of time control module in remote control key and aging of remote control transmitter on the vehicle may cause remote control keys to be useless. This requires the owner to check in time at the 4S shop or professional maintenance office when the remote control key fails.