Passat's V6 airbag fault indicator light
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A 2008 Shanghai Volkswagen Passat V6 sedan, which had a traffic accident, was damaged more seriously, the air bag was detonated, repaired in a repair plant, replaced all the parts of the airbag system, but the air bag fault indicator was often lighted. Check analysis: first connect VAS5052 into the air bag system for fault query, there are 2 fault codes in the system: the 01224---- airbag control unit is not matched with the model, and the 00588---- driver side airbag detonator N95 is too small. For the first fault codes, it is doubted that the model of the control unit and the model of the original control unit are not consistent, but the control unit of the original car is not in and can not be compared. It is necessary to find another car with the same configuration, and use VAS5052 to adjust the relevant parameters of the two car air bag control unit, including the parts number, version number, and control. It is found that the parts number and version number of the two control units are the same, but the control unit code is different, one is 12854, and the other is 12851. It seems that the fault may come out in this respect, so to find the relevant information, the original Passat passenger car safety air bag system based on the model configuration is different, the air bag control unit code is different, the manual transmission, the ordinary steering wheel and the main and auxiliary airbag models, the control unit code is 12854; and the configuration hand is self. The integrated transmission, multi-function steering wheel, main and auxiliary airbag, front row passenger side air bag and rear row bursting safety belt are coded as 12851. According to the car configuration, the coding of the air bag control unit should be 12851, the control unit is replaced and the correct code test is carried out, but the problem has not been solved completely. The fault code 00588 still exists. According to the maintenance experience, the possibility of the air bag spiral cable failure is larger, so it is decided to check the cable and dismantle the cable. In the process of unloading the cable, it is found that the cable to the airbag wire harness connector is unusual, the short circuit ring on the connector is deformed, causing the wire harness in front of the airbag short circuited, so the fault code of the driver's side airbag detonator N95 is too small. Troubleshooting: try to restore the metal sheet formed by the short circuiting ring.