Half a year's new car is starting failure, 4S shop claims difficult to find reasons
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The car has just been bought for half a year, and frequently starts failure. After many repairs, it still can not be ruled out. The day before yesterday, the car had difficulty starting again. The owner said he would apply for a refund from the manufacturer. The manager of Tongzhou District said that after repeated inspections, the fault was accidental and there were no other problems, so it was difficult to find out the specific reasons. The owner, Mr. ANN, said that in March last year, he bought a 2013 car, and the vehicle was set up with one key start. At the end of October last year, there was a breakdown in the vehicle. "It was very difficult to start the vehicle in the morning". Mr. Ann made a telephone call to the manufacturer. The customer service personnel said the owner needed to be contacted for local maintenance, but he did not check the problem. Mr. Ann said that starting from the end of October last year, the vehicle would start a malfunction on average four or five days. In April this year, Tongzhou District maintenance personnel contacted the manufacturer to replace a variable speed part for Mr. ANN, and the vehicle start-up system returned to normal. The day before yesterday morning, the vehicle was in trouble again. Mr. ANN, who could not bear it, went on to repair it again. He asked the staff to give a statement. If he could not get a reasonable solution, Mr. Ann would give the manufacturer a return vehicle. Tongzhou District's high manager said that after many inspections, the fault was an accidental fault, and the vehicle did not have other problems, and it was difficult to find out the specific reasons. The manager said that if the failure had not been relieved, the owner could consult with him to change the vehicle. The day before yesterday, the passenger service personnel said that the vehicle did not have a similar failure, suggested that the owner of the vehicle to carry out maintenance, and the relevant information to the manufacturer to register, and then discuss further solutions.