Many hidden dangers of fire fighting in automobile repair plant
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At 3 a.m. on October 23rd, a fire broke out in the car service center of Fengshun (friend Yi Jia) in Meilan, Wan Hua Road, and all 8 cars parked in the repair shop were burned into scrap iron. Prior to this, the painting workshop in Huafeng automobile repair and decoration factory, Nanhai Road, Haikou, suddenly started a fire, and a paint workshop was engulfed by the fire. The auto repair factory has caused a lot of tragedy, and the fire safety problem has also aroused widespread concern. What loopholes behind the frequent fires, the reporter launched a survey on the 24 day. Newspaper reporter Cai Kang Wen / map auto repair factory staff 24 morning, the reporter in the car repair factory more concentrated Wan Hua road survey found that many of the repair factory is not a simple operation, but also live. Many repair factories use wooden planks and steel supports to build small attic buildings. The downstairs is the repair workshop with electric welding noise, and upstairs is the staff dormitory. Firefighting equipment and virtual journalists found that many repair plants have not equipped fire extinguishers in the investigation of some repair plants. Even if there is a configured repair plant, it is difficult to find out in the prominent position. At a car beauty center in Hongcheng Road, the reporter found a few dusty fire extinguishers in an unseen corner, stacked with some dismantled auto parts. After careful examination, some fire extinguishers have failed and have been scrapped. Amin, a repair shop employee, said that it was rare to see someone coming to repair the fire extinguisher. It was only a display for the inspection of the competent department. In the repair shop, a smoked factory in Fengxiang East Road, the reporter saw, more than 10 vehicles to be repaired in a mess in the workshop, some car owners in the mouth with cigarettes, squatting next to the workers constantly pointing fingers, car maintenance of the cleaning fluid, waste oil and other flammable products on the side of the side. At a distance of a few meters, another maintenance worker was using a mill to grind the door board in his hand, and the sparks flew more than three meters away, from time to time to the owner of the car who was smoking. "The waste oil that has been changed will not be so easy to be lit by cigarettes. Besides, we can not stop it." Xiao Li, the employee of the shop, said that there were people who had been in the factory, but there was no fire in it, and they did not care to smoke in the workshop. When the wires interweave for 24 days, reporters found that a lot of shops were in a serious condition when they investigated the small car repair plants at Hua Hai road. Inside a repair shop, the distribution box inside is rusty, and the wires around it are covered with black marks. Workers said that these traces were left over last year due to the overheating of the wires. In the factory of about 90 square meters, a wire intertwined together, simply tied together with black tape, a wire pulled from a corner connected with a plug, and even a high-power appliance. And under the wire is waste oil and other inflammable oil products, once there is fire, these items will become combustion supporting substances. One resident said that because the workers in the maintenance factory were living in the evening, they could pull wires in order to make life convenient. Flammable side welding operation gold plate Cang peak road has gathered more than 10 large and small steam repair factories, large scale factory operation process is relatively standard, the wall is posted with various kinds of safety tips. In the small scale automobile repair plant, all kinds of repair shops are not clearly defined, and welding, spraying and so on are all carried out in one place. Almost the repair plant is placed with oil barrels, which are flammable articles such as waste oil, paint and so on. From this few meters, the workers are cut and welded to the car to be repaired, and the sparks are splashed in the operation. A welder in a repair factory said that the barrel was abandoned oil, diesel and other oil, not so easy to ignite, and the burning of the spark dropped to the ground to extinguish, generally will not be on fire. Need to strengthen the supervision of the Haikou fire brigade related responsible person, there are still a lot of "three in one" place, that is, storage, life, processing as one, especially the car repair factory, are the focus of the fire department, but because of this kind of place a wide range, there is a small part of the supervision. At the same time, after examining and approving the relevant functional departments, there is no regular supervision and inspection, and timely investigation and punishment of illegal activities. Therefore, in order to truly standardize the automobile maintenance industry and eliminate the hidden dangers of security, in addition to strengthening the supervision, we can also draw on the advanced management experience and measures of foreign and other provinces and cities, and implement a strict market access system. At the same time, all the auto maintenance workers are required to be held on duty and to the safety of the maintenance plant. The work should be strengthened and the safety awareness should be enhanced in all automobile repair works.