Vigilance of the "trap" maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of automobile maintenance
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Recently, automobile failures frequently occurred. The editor reminded consumers that they should be alert to various maintenance traps and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in the process of vehicle maintenance. It is understood that the current car maintenance traps mainly include the following aspects: first, the use of consumers unaware of the natural price; two is without consumer consent to replace accessories, and by consumers to buy; three is not repair only replacement or minor repair; four is the use of inferior accessories as original accessories; five is not from the root This troubleshooting allows consumers to repair many times; six is secretly exchanging good accessories on the car. The editor reminds that, if the vehicle is within the scope of the warranty, try to maintain the maintenance point as far as possible. When choosing a maintenance shop, it is necessary to see the qualification, the legal operation procedures, the maintenance personnel and the site conditions, and so on. The maintenance personnel will provide the dimension of the vehicle after the failure of the vehicle. The repair plan must be approved by the consumer; when necessary, the consumer should sign a written agreement with the maintenance plant to determine the specific content of the maintenance and clear the scope of the responsibility of the maintenance plant. If consumers have quality problems after purchase or maintenance, they should know the relevant after-sales service contents in time and consult with the operators. If negotiations can not be settled, complaints can be made to the local consumers' associations, or complaints may be brought to the relevant departments or prosecuted by the people's courts. At ordinary times, consumers should also know more about the relevant legal knowledge and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. People in the industry said that consumers in the purchase or use of vehicles in the process of vehicle, should try to grasp the relevant common sense of the vehicle, for some common failures to be honest, beware of the process of being cheated in the process of maintenance.