Failure causes and maintenance methods of automobile brake failure
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The brake pedal is too large, the braking effect is slow, the braking efficiency is low or even lost, and the braking distance increases. Cause of failure: 1. The pressure of brake oil is insufficient. (brake main cylinder oil shortage, brake pipeline rupture, tubing joint leakage, oil road blockage); 2, the brake system has air; 3, brake pedal free travel or brake clearance is too large, brake shoe friction plate contact bad, serious wear or oil pollution; 4, brake main cylinder, cylinder cylinder piston and cylinder wear or pull injury, skin bowl old old Chemical damage. Troubleshooting: 1, continuously step down the brake pedal, such as the pedal gradually increase and have a flexible feeling, but after a little stop a little after stepping on the pedal is still very low, that is, there is air in the brake system, at this time the brake system should be exhaust. 2, a foot brake is not good, but continuous pedal several times when the braking effect is very good, generally for the brake pedal free travel too large or brake clearance is too large. The pedal free travel should be adjusted, then the brake clearance should be checked, and the brake should be disassembled and repaired if necessary. 3, when stepping on the brake pedal, it is not weak and unsinkable, but the brake effect is bad. This phenomenon is the wheel brake failure, such as brake shoe oil or bad contact, friction film aging, wear, brake drum wear uneven. Check the braking technology status and adjust and repair if necessary.