Volkswagen New Bora car fuel pump has buzz noise
  • Automotive

A 2010 car FAW Volkswagen new car with a mileage of about 26 thousand km. User response: after the start of the car, the fuel pump is running out of buzz noise. Fault diagnosis: after understanding that the car had previously replaced the fuel filter, there was noise. Lift the vehicle to check that the fuel filter spare part number used for the car is 6Q0 201051 C. According to the relevant information, the new Bora in December 22, 2009 canceled the pressure limiting valve in the fuel filter and integrated it in the fuel pump. If the replacement of the fuel filter with the pressure limiting valve could cause pressure up to 0.6MPa, the oil pump caused noise due to excessive working load. Replace the fuel filter without the pressure limiting valve (spare part number 180201511) after troubleshooting.