Oil upgrading and replacement of parts of the vehicle may fail
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In October 1st, Zhejiang opened the country IV car gasoline, for more than a month, the "new meal" overall reflected good, but there was a small number of vehicles "drink" after some adverse reactions: idle idle, engine sound than the past... The industry said: the upgrading of the oil will not have much impact on the vehicle itself. Individual may have discomfort, mainly in the engine, which requires a little adjustment time. The worst thing that is happening now is just upgrading the computer program. Chen Ruimin, a car owner who lives in the Lotus House, changed the gasoline to national standard IV in the petrol station that he used to go to in October 12th. The next half month is the day of his entanglement. "The overall feeling is about the same as the oil before, but it seems that the engine's idling jitter is aggravated and the engine speeds up and the engine sounds a little bigger than it used to." He has been doubting that this is related to the presence of oil at the bottom of the tank. And the owner of the landscape family, ah Chun, has recently had doubts about the new gasoline. When the cold car is started, the idle speed is unstable, and it always goes out. "You must step on the throttle lightly. Sometimes, when you start, you will feel a rush. " But he asked a circle of friends who drove around. There was no such problem. The search on the Internet was to find a few owners who were "sick and sympathetic". Fei Lidong, the training manager of 4S store in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, director of the Automobile Department of the senior technical school of automobile, also used standard IV oil last month. Two people's driving experience these days: almost no change, just like before. The most important difference between state III and country IV gasoline is sulfur content. The latter has low sulfur content, and environmental protection and emission reduction will only affect the exhaust emissions of vehicles. As a whole, it will not have a great negative effect on cars. " Said Li Li Dong. However, Wang also admitted: replacing oil products, in theory, the automobile needs an adjustment period. "Just now, there are no customers in the shop who have similar problems." Then, lack of motivation, slow start, idle speed, and lack of speed. Are these symptoms really just the illusion or psychological hints caused by the change of oil? In this regard, Professor Wang Yanzhen of the school of chemical engineering at China University of Petroleum said that after the sulfur content was reduced, the alkenes and aromatics in the gasoline tended to saturate, which would lead to a decline in octane values. In order to maintain the percentage of octane, sulfur oxides must be added to gasoline in the process of desulfurization. The increase of oxide content may affect the vehicle's power. Octane number, in short, is the index of the explosion of fuel used by automobiles. It is related to the compression ratio of gasoline, the lower the octane number, the weaker the seismic detonation capability of the automobile, and the lower the fuel efficiency. Therefore, the percentage of this value can not be reduced too much. Zhang Genhua, who has many years of experience in maintenance and maintenance of 4S store, has been confronted with such a matter shortly before: "the other is just changing country IV oil, after two or three days, it is found that the engine idle speed will be stable between 500 turns and back and forth between 500 turns when the cold car starts." Cleaning the throttle, the problem still exists. " After a period of time, the symptoms naturally disappear. "We speculate that this may be a temporary problem caused by the replacement of oil products". Such temporary problems also include difficulty in ignition, idle speed instability, obvious steering wheel jitter, trouble lights on, lack of power and so on. "There will be no significant impact on vehicles. It is true that some individuals may have symptoms of discomfort, mainly the engine and the oil circuit. Fan Jianjie, a technology director at 4S shop in Zhejiang, Beijing, also affirmed the existence of this individual discomfort: different brands of cars have different designs, including the core technology related to gasoline. For some cars, the upgrading of oil products and computer programs need to make some changes. This means upgrading the 4S shop. "If we fail to synchronize in time, we may have these phenomena." Generally speaking, the higher the vehicle is, the higher the probability of discomfort will occur. "Like a van, all the oil can be used. But high-end cars are usually more "expensive," which requires higher oil requirements and takes time to adapt. Zhang Genhua added. Although the probability of various discomfort caused by the replacement of oil products is not high, there are always some people who are unfortunately "caught up". The two step is to solve the problem. One, wait patiently. When any vehicle has just upgraded oil products, "like people moving from the south to the north", an adaptation process is needed. Time varies from individual to individual. "About two or three cases of oil. The first box must be a mixture of the national base III oil and the new convertible IV oil, which can be adjusted to one or two boxes after use. Fan Jianjie gave a general adaptation to the time horizon. Two, looking for a professional to check. If the symptoms are particularly obvious at first, for example, the trouble lights are often bright, or the two or three cases of oil still exist, then it is best to go to the 4S shop for a professional check. The repair of the repair, the upgrade of the upgrade.