There is a different sound in the right back door of Nissan
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Fault phenomenon: the right rear door has a slight tinkling noise. The cause of the failure: after inspection, it is found that the right back door of the vehicle has a sound like a spring at the right back door in the static state. It is doubtful that the glass lift motor is working all the time, and the sound of the fuse piece of the internal fuse is broken and connected back and forth. Do not rush to dismantle and replace the motor, but consider whether the outside has caused the fault to the motor. After pressing the left front door main switch to control the switch on the right rear door, the abnormal sound disappeared. It was found that the fault was caused by the failure of the right rear door switch on the left front door switch. Solution: the inspection found that the car did not check the reset of the switch when the peach wood decorative board was installed. Troubleshooting the excess part of the decorative board with a file.