Experts say Land Rover's engine failure is frequent.
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Song Jian pointed out that the problems of the Land Rover engine were all low - level mistakes, just as the mistake of the postgraduate pupil, following the problem of "Land Rover deep in the door: the car was bad to blame China oil" was exposed, the Securities Daily reporter noticed that the recent complaints against Land Rover engine failures were frequent, It involves a variety of problems such as engine variable valve timing fault, crankshaft fracture and oil leakage in cylinder. Of course, all of the complaints about Land Rover engine reflect the most crank fracture problem, involving the Land Rover discovery 4, the range rover version of the 3.0T diesel version of the two models. In a number of complaints, both Land Rover found that the 4 owner of Mr. Guo was on time to maintain a regular maintenance of 3 years after the warranty period, there are also Land Rover motor 3.0T diesel version of the owner of Mr. Chen in the warranty period is still a problem. Song Jian, Dean of the Automotive Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University, pointed out that the problems of Land Rover engine were all low - level mistakes, just like the mistakes of the postgraduate students, "a decline brand of a number of hands, the Land Rover products are very common, the quality problems are always sold well, only our consumption psychology has come out." The problem. Tang Yong, the head of the original China Auto Circulation Association, also has the same view, Land Rover is not particularly good in the off-road vehicles, because "the implementation of the vehicle brand marketing management implementation measures" made Land Rover manufacturers monopolized management, using consumer information asymmetry, magnified the publicity and effect. Land Rover has been "traded" many people familiar with the history of Land Rover cars. From the 1994 BMW acquisition of Land Rover, Land Rover cars went on the way of "being traded". In 2000, Land Rover was sold to the Bush and sold to the India emerging auto giant Tata company in 2008. In the year before Tata accepted Land Rover, Land Rover lost more than 1 billion dollars, but the Chinese market saved it. Under the SUV high fever and the consumers' blind pursuit, Land Rover automobile came back to life. By April 2013, the end of the 2012 fiscal year, the profit of the Jaguar Land Rover reached 15 billion 780 million pounds, a year on year increase. With a growth of 140%, only Land Rover China's sales increased by 48% in the 2012 - 2013 fiscal year. Tang Yong said that the best of the current cross-country cars is the Grand Cherokee, the second are the Mercedes Benz G, the third place is the TOYOTA Land Cruiser, and the Land Rover off-road vehicles are actually not as good as the previous ones. Song Jian told reporters, Land Rover such a falling brand, product performance is not as good as Chrysler Grand Cherokee, MITSUBISHI off-road vehicles, TOYOTA off-road vehicles, but because of Sino Japanese relations, as well as the Grand Cherokee joint venture withdrawal, to the Land Rover opportunities. "Land Rover has a history of more than 60 years, the long history of brand has made Chinese consumers flock to it. It is actually the immature consumer market in China and the consumptive psychology of the foreign language." Song Jian believes that the Land Rover products are so good that the quality problems are so high that they can only blame the Chinese consumers themselves. Land Rover engine has many faults. However, some owners of Land Rover cars have started to regret their choice of Land Rover brand. Mr. Chen, the 3.0T diesel version of the Land Rover rover, said the car was only thirty thousand kilometers, about one million of the car, the engine crankshaft broke, and the high-end brand of Land Rover was recognized as such a bad product in the world, and hoped that the car we bought now has a problem. The family can solve it in time instead of shirking its responsibilities. Land Rover found that 4 car owner Mr. Guo 3 years after the warranty period has just passed soon, usually according to 5000km maintenance once, on the high speed road suddenly flameout, 4S shop testing said engine crankshaft fracture need to spend 150 thousand yuan for engine. At the same time, Land Rover, who was driving by Land Rover in Xinjiang, found 4 3.0THSE edition, and Land Rover in Ren Ren found that 4 of them all cracked engine crankshaft. For the fracture of engine crankshaft, the manufacturer and 4S store said that the maintenance of the engine was not damaged in time, or the engine was too small when the engine was designed, so that the engine could not lubricate at high speed and cause the engine crankshaft to break. Song Jian said that the fracture of the crankshaft of the Land Rover engine is purely a design problem. The engine electronic control system is not matched well, and the fuel injection may not be too uniform. It is large and small, causing the oscillation of the engine torque and the resonance of the engine crank fracture. In addition to the problem of engine crankshaft fracture, the Land Rover winner of Harbin's aurora version of Ms. Wang bought the engine variable valve timing fault, and the Land Rover Rover's aurora version of the Land Rover Rover purchased the oil leaking fault in the cylinder. For the malfunction of the above Land Rover vehicles. Song Jian believes that this is a very low level of error, we can only say that the level of engine manufacturers are too poor, just as postgraduate students commit mistakes.