Lack of power in Shuanglong
  • Automotive

Fault phenomenon: a double dragon AI Teng accident repair vehicle after insufficient power and medium and high speed engine alarm light phenomenon. The cause of the failure: the car has been running 30 thousand km, using a diesel common rail engine, equipped with electronic control turbocharger, exhaust gas circulation valve EGR and 6 line accelerator pedal position sensor. The fault codes of EGR and air-fuel ratio sensors were detected. It is normal to observe the diesel pressure sensor while running, but the signal of the air flow sensor is too small, and the turbocharger is not working. The diesel engine has no throttle, the vacuum pump driven by the camshaft produces a vacuum, providing a vacuum source for the brake vacuum booster, the turbocharged control solenoid valve and the EGR control solenoid valve. Check the crack of the vacuum tube of the solenoid valve. In this way, although the two solenoid valve works normally at high speed, the actuator does not move, resulting in insufficient power and alarm. Solution: replace the cracked vacuum hose