Fault summarization expert explains 5 common faults of Cruz.
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Chevrolet Coru is a new generation of works to integrate global resource development with the goal of creating a design and performance compact type of benchmarking. After the introduction of a wide range of attention from the wide range of car friends, the common problems encountered by Chevrolet Coru. Case 1: Cruz drives the "rod" fault description: a 2010 1.6L automatic block Cruz, a mileage of 2500 kilometers. In the process of driving, the "call rod" and the acceleration of the original place also appeared "called pole" sound. Solution: first, the road test to confirm the failure phenomenon, the test is true. Use Tech2 to see if there is a fault record, a fault free code. So, the spark plug is removed and the carbon deposition on the piston top is observed, and the screwdriver is stamped on the piston with the screwdriver, and it is found that black carbon deposits are more. Then, carry out the cleaning as shown in the left chart. After cleaning, there was no "boom". But there is a "new neck", a new car. It was found that the cracks in the ceramic part of the 2# cylinder spark plug were found, but strangely, there was no fault code record for the computer diagnosis. After the replacement of the spark plug, everything is normal. Fault summary: when cleaning carbon after cleaning the car, there are three fault codes P0300; P0301; P0303, this is due to the normal cleaning of the phenomenon, at this time the spark plug failure. When there is a crack in the spark plug, there is no fault code recorded. In the process of maintenance, because the tightening torque of the spark plug is too large, the spark plug ceramic body cracks, the phenomenon of fire breaking and breaking into the car is the two fault. Attention should be paid to it. Case two: the Cruz airbag lights fault description: a 09 section of the Coru 1.6L, 6 speed automatic gear, driving mileage 900Km, rear end of the vehicle is rear end, air bag is not opened. The air bag lamp is always bright after repair. The fault code is B0015, the driver seat belt tensioner expands the loop; B0022, the passenger seat belt tensioner launches the loop. Solution: first, confirm the fault phenomenon, check the existence of B0015, B0022 and can not be eliminated. There are no two fault codes in the check - up manual. There is no short circuit and short circuit in measuring wiring harness, but it is still useless after SDM. The wire harness plug has been applied with conductive adhesive, and it is not valid. Then find a same car to remove the seat belt pretensioning device to insert the Yellow plug of the trouble car, and the trouble lights go out immediately. From this, the fault appears in the seat belt pretensioner, and the safety belt pretensioner is the main safety device and the airbag is attached to the Shanghai TAC consulting and checking manual. It is possible that the air bag is not burst, but the seat belt preload has been detonated. Replace the seat belt pretensioner. Case three: the malfunction of the Coru driver information center shows the Code95 fault description: a 09 1.6L manual 5 speed Coru car with a mileage of 38 miles, the air bag light, the immediate maintenance light, and the driver's Information Center fault display Code95. Solution: first, look at the trouble code. There are two codes for U0151 and B3205. The previous code manual does not specify the meaning; the latter is not related to the driver's side door motor. And not clear. The airbag wiring harness and the plug are all normal. With the same type of official car exchange BCM, without the car, not even motors. Swap SDM, or light, but can not be programmed with the car. Changing the SDM of the defective vehicle to the official car is still showing the three lights above. It is inferred that SDM is damaged. Replace the new SDM and Tis2web online programming, the airbag lights go out. Clean up the fault code, everything is normal. Case four: the malfunction of the rear cover of the corrz timing belt grinding cover: multiple Corus timing teeth in the rear cover are too small in the cold car. Solution: to confirm that the position of the abnormal sound is made by the front cover of the front of the engine, disassemble the front cover cover, and the belt is seen in the rear cover gap, and the clearance is increased by grinding the cover with sand paper. Reinstall the front cover and accessory parts. Case five: corruz does not pull out the P key out of the key failure phenomenon: a 10 section of the Coru, automatic gear, driving mileage, 400Km, P, at the same time, the ignition key can not be pulled out. Fault description: 10 Cruz, no P block, ignition key can not be pulled out. It can take the car and get out of the car. The front and rear lights are not bright, the rear brake lights are not bright after two, and the trunk can not be opened. When you brake on the brakes, you can not hear the clicking clicking of the solenoid solenoid valve, and the body module has a fault code on the upper page, of which three codes are not clear. Use GDS special function to move small lights and two rear brake lights are still not bright, check the relevant bulb filament, found no damage. Measure the voltage of the power supply for 0V. So, analyzing the circuit diagram and finding out that these lights did not have a fuse, all came out of BCM. Therefore, after changing the BCM of the same type of vehicle, the light is normal after replacement, the trunk can be opened, the ignition key can be pulled out, and the P gear can also be removed. Thus, BCM damage can be determined. Solution: replace the new BCM, the BCM programming and configuration and setting, after the IMMO programming, everything is normal, when the brake light is checked, the left rear brake light is found to be not bright, burned, and after the replacement of the brake light, the fault is completely eliminated. Conclusion: the damage of BCM is probably due to the excessive instantaneous current when the brake lamp burns.