Honda Odyssey can't hang up
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A 2009 Odyssey Honda Odyssey with a mileage of about 69 thousand km. After the vehicle is put into the P position, it can not be linked to other files. The key must be inserted in the keyhole near the transmission lever to remove the lock. Fault diagnosis: automatic transmission vehicles have shift interlocking systems. The purpose of this system is to prevent misalignment. When the brake pedal and throttle valve are fully closed, the shift locking electromagnetic valve will work, so the shift lever can be hung from the P position to the other gear. The system has an emergency relief hole. When the system fails, it can be removed by mechanical means, ensuring that the shift lever can be changed into other gears. The 2009 shift locking mechanism of Guangzhou Honda auto Odyssey is improved compared with the previous one. The former shift lock mechanism is controlled by an independent shift lock ECU, which controls the work of the shift lock solenoid valve according to its throttle position sensor signal and the brake light switch signal, and controls the action of the key interlocking solenoid valve according to the signal of the shift switch. In this car, the action of shifting and locking electromagnetic valve, that is, the key interlocking solenoid valve of the ignition key, is controlled by PCM and multiple integrated control devices. The action of shifting and locking solenoid valve must ensure that the following conditions are available at the same time.