The water tank is broken? Teaching you four water tank rupture emergency measures
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If the owner finds a water leak in the water tank, it can go to the repair shop to check and replace the new water tank. If the leakage still exists, it should be considered to check whether the cover of the tank has been fastened. Test the water into the water tank to see where the water tank is pressed out from where it is pressed, and then decide the repair plan. Twist the development motivation and oil cover to see if there is any oil emulsion mark (punch or corrosion). If so, dismantle the engine and replace the cylinder gasket. There is a problem in the quality of the water tank. If the car is in the course of driving, the water tank pipe can be broken and leaking because of the car vibration or vehicle accident. The measures can be taken according to the specific conditions: when the leakage is not more than 1mm cracks or the holes in 2mm, a bottle of water tank is added to the water tank to launch vehicle operation. Open the cooling water after a large cycle of 5~10 minutes, cooling system, whether water tank or rubber pipe and the cushion, leakage (or antifreeze) will stop leaking, no leakage after leakage, will not affect heat dissipation and blockage. If no leakage agent is carried, a slight leakage of water to a few heat dissipation tubes can be temporarily used in the water tank, using the water circulation pressure, so that the tobacco is blocked in the leakage of the heat pipe and is temporarily used. The water leakage of the water tank is more serious, the leakage of the heat pipe can be cut from the leakage, the cotton mass coated with soap is blocked by the cutting heat pipe, and then the clipper is clipped and then compressed to stop the leakage. When the rubber pipe joint leaks, use the screwdriver to wrap the rubber pipe joint clip on the rubber pipe connector two times, and then tighten it with the pliers. If the rubber tube is damaged, use the adhesive tape to wrap the broken place tightly for temporary use.

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