Due to the fixed position of the crankshaft position sensor, sail cannot start.
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A Chevrolet sedan. After the accident, the engine appearance was not damaged, but it could not be started. When the engine is turned on, when the engine is started, the starter turns normally, and the injector does not spray fuel and has no high voltage and no fault code. The Tech-2 data list shows that the engine speed is 0r/min, using the special function of Tech-2 to drive the injector and the ignition coil, the fuel injection and the jump fire are normal, and the cylinder pressure is also in the standard range. It is suspected that the crankshaft position sensor or line is defective and the crankshaft position sensor is slightly worn. The crankshaft position sensor is still unable to start after trying to replace the crankshaft position sensor. Check engine control module power supply and iron lap are normal, and crankshaft position sensor, ignition module communication line is also no fault, and the crankshaft position sensor and ignition module communication line is also no problem. After that, the engine control module and ignition coil are tried to replace, but the trouble can not be ruled out.