Volkswagen Passat has a sense of shrug when it accelerates rapidly.
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A Shanghai Volkswagen Passat 1.8T manual car with a mileage of over 210 thousand km and a BGC engine equipped in 2005. User response: the car has a sharp acceleration and sometimes feels like a car. Inspection and analysis: maintenance personnel road test, feel that the car in addition to occasionally car, the performance is basically normal. The engine is running smoothly, which is not like a problem. The engine control unit is detected and the fault code P0102 - air flow meter G70 signal is found to be too small. P0012 - camshaft phase adjustment error. When the engine is running at idle speed, the engine control unit data is read, 2 groups: 760 r/min, 14.5%, 2 ms and 0 g/s; 3 groups: 3 zone (throttle opening) 0.3%; 31 groups: 1 and 1; 32 group: 4.6%, 0%; 1.580-1.600 V. It is obvious that the air flow meter data is wrong. Disconnect the hose between the air flow meter and the turbocharger, and the engine performance has not changed at all. With the hand covering the port of the hose, the engine does not flameout, and the hose is not sucked. Explain the leak in the hose. Check along the hose and find that the pipeline is in the turbocharger.