Popular Bora EPC, ABS and airbag warning lights light up.
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A FAW Volkswagen car with a mileage of about 160 thousand km in 2005. User reflection: the car can't start. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel tried the car and found that the EPC, ABS and airbag warning lights on the dashboard were lit. Under normal circumstances, these alarm lights will be extinguished after opening the ignition switch for a period of time. Connecting with the fault diagnosis instrument, it is found that the engine, ABS, meter and airbag control unit can not be accessed. The connector of the engine control unit is disconnected, and the resistance between the power bus CAN-H and the iron lap is measured from the 60 foot of the wire harness side of the connector, which is 0.7 Omega, short circuit to the iron lap. This indicates that there is a short circuit in the network bus or bus driver. One by one, the control unit is disconnected, and the short circuit phenomenon will disappear when the airbag control unit is broken. The inspection found that the internal airbag control unit had been seriously corroded, causing the bus driver to short-circuit the grounding. Chen excluded: replace the airbag control unit, troubleshooting.