Airbag warning lights are lit when Volkswagen is driving
  • Automotive

A FAW Volkswagen Polaris car with a mileage of 12 Jovan km in 2009. User response: the airbag warning light is lit, the trouble code is cleared, and the alarm is sent again after a few days' driving. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel detected the air bag control unit, and found the fault code B10001B - the driver side airbag detonator was too high resistance, passive Panyu hair. The wiring harness between the rocking control unit and the driver side airbag is frequent. Check the wiring harness and find that the 4 foot (grey line) of the connector T5 is broken, and that's the problem. Troubleshooting: replace the same type wire harness pins with VAS1978 special tools, troubleshooting.