Automatic transmission with hydraulic transmission, how to repair after entering water?
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Q: after the rainy season, the car occasionally Wade, for the vehicle equipped with automatic transmission, in addition to the engine is afraid of water, in fact, the automatic transmission is also afraid of water. When the automatic transmission enters the water, there may be no apparent fault symptoms in a short period of time, but the elements inside the transmission are often damaged when an obvious symptom of failure is presented. At this time, the simple circulation of oil can not play any role, and sometimes results in the loss of most of the components of the transmission. At this time, the overhaul of the transmission is needed to restore the original function. For automatic transmission with hydraulic transmission, what parts are most likely to be injured after transmission? Answer: for automatic transmission with hydraulic transmission, once the transmission is inflow, the first effect is the lubrication performance, sealing performance and other performance of the automatic transmission oil. Because the water permeability is very strong, and most of the components in the automatic transmission are made of various kinds of materials such as colloid, paper and fiber material. In this way, when the water is immersed in the rubber material, it will cause its expansion and damage, and then the sealing is bad. The friction plates of all the friction elements in the automatic transmission are also glued to the surface of the metal steel sheet through a special adhesive adhesive, so the adhesive will be damaged after water immersion, which will cause the friction sheet to fall off. In addition, for those parts that need lubrication, the lubrication performance of the transmission oil decreases, which will result in poor lubrication and burnout. To sum up, when the automatic transmission is inflow, the most vulnerable components are rubber seals, rubber pistons and friction plates and so on, so the related components must be replaced.