Toyoda Kamimizu sedan's air conditioning has a peculiar smell
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A TOYOTA Camry. When the vehicle was launched in the morning, the vehicle was found to be in a clutter. When driving a vehicle, you smell a peculiar smell in the car and smell more when it is heated. After a routine inspection of the vehicle, the smell of a corpse rotted in the car was really smelled, the smell of the warm wind was more difficult to smell, the traces of the mice were found in the car and the signs of the fragmentary items were dragged. Fault diagnosis: open the fan to blow the warm air, find the electric motor sound; remove the warm air motor and find a biscuit and a section of bone; remove the air conditioner filter core and find that there are mice shit and some biscuit fragments, so the rat is suspected to enter the car from the air inlet. The phenomenon of removing the wiper cover at the inlet and under the windscreen of the front windscreen is shocking. There is a marked mouse crawling at the inlet. The air inlet is sealed and fixed with stainless steel screen. This does not affect the intake air volume of the air conditioner, but also prevents rats and other animals from entering the vehicle. Maintenance summary: there is a defect in the design here, because the opening is large and there is no shelter, the north is cold in winter, and the mice will be drilled out of the car after the car has stopped.