Abnormal maintenance method for Becker map navigation function of Benz related vehicle
  • Automotive

Involved in the model: chassis number 166, 172, 246, 204, 207, 212, 218 and other configuration of Becker map navigation (MAP PILOT, code 509) or Becker map navigation reservation device (code 508) of the Mercedes Benz. Information: the audio / cab management and data system (COMAND) display (A40/8) of the Becker map navigation (MAP PILOT) of the above part of the model may continue or occasionally display the information "navigation control unit unconnected", the fault code hints for the 8208C 73Becker map navigation (MAP PILOT) rechargeable battery electric Failure. Although the navigation control unit (A2/30) is correctly installed in the bracket (A2/30-1) in the glove box, the prompt information still appears. The specific maintenance method of the fault is as follows.