Automobile maintenance and maintenance attract you to pay the "eight lies".
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I believe many owners have such feelings: since the car, at least half a heart on how to maintain the body of love, how to decorate or refit the car, is a lot of car owners are thinking about. Automotive products are dazzling, photocatalytic deodorant, nano oil saving agent, refrigeration spray, non oil running antiwear agent...... These products, just listen to the name of the heart. But these names are often "traps" that tempt you to pay, because most of them are fooling you. Following our attention to how to "save money" last week, this week, Mr. Zhu, who was once a car product agent in Yongfu Road, was invited to pull out those "flickering" car supplies for us. Whether consumers or professionals in the industry are concerned about the development of automobile repair industry. It is suggested that consumers avoid traps in automobile maintenance and learn to save money and repair cars, which has aroused strong repercussions in the industry. Objectively speaking, the Guangzhou auto repair industry is in the front of the whole country, especially in the standardization of the whole industry, quality of service and high quality management, but it must be recognized that the non standard situation is still happening. What needs to be explained is that the views and cases in the report come from many channels, rather than "ancient masters". We hope that enterprises and employees will use effective measures to further standardize the auto repair industry, eliminate these cases, create a good car consumption environment, and allow consumers to use their cars in a safe and happy way. When Mr. Lei was in the auto market, he was attracted by a car "quick cooling agent for spray spray". The product was called "cool king". Even if the car was insolate in the Gobi sun environment for two hours, the car temperature was above 60 degrees centigrade. As long as a gentle spray, it could be "cool and pleasant" for a few seconds. When he looked at the price, it was only a few dozen yuan. He bought a bottle out of curiosity. In the car in love with a few, the so-called "instant" refrigeration effect is, but only a few seconds of time, and the car is full of a smell of difficult to dissipate. Mr. Zhu comments: These are called fast refrigerating spray products, which are especially easy to attract the attention of the owners in the summer. It is said that a special refrigeration material is used and the energy conservation law of heat transfer is used. If it is really so good, don't say that the air conditioner on the car is superfluous, even the household air conditioner can be replaced. Far infrared photon energy saving oil ball, * * nano fuel economizer, X. environmental protection fuel economizer... In the auto market, there are many different brands of oil saving products, each of which claims that the principle of work is scientific and reliable, for example, "using far infrared permeation technology to change the molecular keys and activation of oxygen molecules to achieve the efficiency of burning and saving oil", "adding nanomaterials to the rubber tube, and gathering oil molecules." The ball is broken into a single oil molecule, which enables the fuel to enter the cylinder and fully mix with the air to achieve complete combustion. It sounds really good. Mr. Zhu commented: fuel economizer, fuel saving ball, fuel saving sticker, and most products are flicker! For example, products claiming to use infrared energy to achieve fuel saving effect, in fact, infrared energy will cause gasoline to volatilize more easily. Some say that nano technology is not energy and how to support combustion. If the product is really good, why do so many car manufacturers not use it? A fuel economizer is only a drop in the bucket for a car. So fuel economizer is just a concept of "perpetual motion machine". In the maintenance and maintenance, if the vehicle oil road is dirty or even clogged, it needs cleaning, the master generally recommends the owner to do a professional oil road cleaning, but it needs a certain cost. There are many "oil cleaning gasoline additives" in the auto distribution market. Some of the product instructions claim that the technology of nanotechnology is used. It can automatically clean the oil road and remove the dirt from the oil road, so as to improve the vehicle power and reduce the fuel consumption. To attract the owners, the use of these products is not only convenient to add, only about one hundred yuan can be used to "clean the oil road itself", and do not have to go to the maintenance shop to do professional cleaning projects. But don't be tempted by these "benefits". Mr. Zhu commented: the manufacturing threshold of oil cleaning agents is not high enough to make some fake and inferior brands full of market. If the owner of the car saves money to buy these fake products, it will damage the engine as well as not clean the oil roads. It is worth noting that the main component of the oil road dirt is the colloid. If the oil road cleaner is called to dissolve or separate the colloid, it may also corrode the dirt in the oil road at the same time. If the composition of this kind of product can burn, it may change the burning value and burning point and burning rate, and have great influence on the engine. If it is called non combustion product, it may be deposited on the inner wall of the cylinder, the valve, the spark plug and so on. Then it is a time problem to destroy the car. There is a new product in the automotive supplies market, which allows the vehicle to withstand hundreds of kilometers of oil without driving. Because of the technical threshold, such products are "mixed up" in the market, and fake products are springing up. However, for car owners, it is really a temptation not to spend hundreds of dollars on changing oil frequently. Some products use the description, not only dismantling repair, can repair the wear of vehicle components, can "save oil and emission reduction" save fuel 30%, can reduce exhaust gas in the exhaust gas 2~10 times, it is known as the absolute environmental protection! It is suggested that car owners should be guided by professionals. Mr. Zhu commented: in fact, most of the "antiwear agents" work by deposition and adsorption to fill the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, but to try to make the crankshaft, bearing, gear, valve and other metal parts in the engine not thickened, it seems to be a bit exaggerated. And adding additives such as antiwear additives may cause maladjustment of oil and so on. Owners should be careful to choose. As for products claiming to be able to "substantially reduce" exhaust emissions, it is recommended that inventors should apply to vehicle manufacturers. A car repair operator recommended a filter magnetized oxygen supply device to Elan car owner Xiao Chen. The packaging of the product is written: adding it to the exhaust manifold can magnetize the exhaust gas and produce oxygen to make it more fully oxygenate to improve the engine power, drive on different road conditions, and save the fuel consumption 6%~16%! Xiao Chen spent more than 500 yuan to buy it for a month and didn't feel effective, but it caused some trouble to go back to the shop regularly to clean the device. Mr. Zhu commented: trying to make waste gas into oxygen by magnetic field is somewhat difficult in principle. The waste gas is changed into oxygen and belongs to cracking reaction. The volume of cracking furnace in general laboratory is like refrigerator, and the volume of industrial cracking furnace is larger than that of oil tanker. If such a small magnetized oxygen feeder is exaggerated, the owner should pay extra attention to it. In fact, this kind of product is only an iron pipe plus a magnet, not much technical content, which is the same as that of the intake manifold. After use, it may cause the cylinder to absorb dust and aggravate wear. So use it carefully! If you want to count the most common products in the automotive accessories market, the vehicle GPS navigator is definitely one. The number of brands is dazzling. Each instruction manual calls itself "accurate" and powerful. However, a recent sampling inspection by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has made some brands "lie" hidden. After the 40 batches of vehicle navigator products sampled in four cities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Dongguan, the product quality of up to 3/4 is not qualified, only half of the qualification rate of the system positioning accuracy is over, and only half the pass rate of the "radiation interference field" project sampling batch is also only half. The system has no longitude and latitude information. It shows that there is no more than half of the products that can detect positioning accuracy at all. Mr. Zhu commented: it is not wrong to list GPS vehicle navigation as a black list, because the quality of the products on the market is uneven, and some are even the latest GPS navigation products that have been patched out by their own waste products. These products not only have false report parameters, but the positioning accuracy is not high, and error guidance is easy to occur. The long-term use of radiation interfering field strength will lead to drivers' headache, insomnia, memory decline and so on. GPS vehicle navigation is a favorite product of novice drivers of road blindness. However, after you know that some products have such a strong radiation power and such a weak guide function, do you dare to buy it? Bought a new car, the car's strong interior flavor makes many car owners headache. In order to eliminate the smell, many owners tried various methods and placed high hopes on Photocatalyst products. However, the price of a photocatalyst is very expensive, less than 500 yuan, and more than a thousand yuan, so you should have a valuable reason for some of the photocatalyst product self deodorizing effect is magical, even "radical" odor. But many owners regret it, because the effect is not as obvious as they claim to be.