The reason why the steering wheel is left or right is due to the inertia compensation of the boost system.
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What's the problem with the light right weight of the steering wheel? Reader Wu asked: when driving a steering wheel, a car can always feel left, right and right. What is the reason? Reply: this may be related to the usual driving habits, some people in the direction of the direction of the right direction is more powerful than the left, if long time such power system will be compensated according to the operating habits, that is, the process of learning, in the direct process of support system will be based on the default of the factory. Set up for compensation. Or in the near future, the direction of the left direction is slightly larger, to see if it can be compensated. What does the skylight fail to do? Miss Zhang asked, "my car with panoramic skylight, running high speed at 100 kilometers per hour, the skylight is very loud, like not closing the same way, what to do? Answer: the problem of sunroof abnormal noise is quite common, but the problem of air leakage has not yet been met. You can try it again in the shop and assemble the skylight. Secondly, if it is a fault, you can test the vehicle with the same type of vehicle. If there is no obvious difference, then it means that it is not a fault. Is it normal for the car to lock the door when the lamp is not flicker? Reader: when the door is closed, the car's car lock door lamp is not as bright as it is. Is this normal? Reply: in this situation, please check the door of the four door closing light, that is when the door inside the door on the inside of the red light, if not bright, then open the machine cover right front leaf board memory near the right shock absorber there is a black circular button, hold back the remote control to see, and then that is not the rear cover did not close well again Or the back of a button to close a button is bad. In the warranty period, if it is hardware, 4S shop will be replaced free of charge.