Difficulty in cold start of Chery wind and cloud
  • Automotive

A Chery storm is difficult to start in the morning, but it can't start for a long time. Change the throttle body of the spark plug oil pump elsewhere. Check the injection ignition first, and find that the diode test lamp on the fuel injector plug when starting is interrupted, the flash spark plug is interrupted and jump fire. What is the situation? Simply take the fuel injector out of the tank and observe it. Sometimes the cylinder sprays and sometimes the cylinder sprays. Mongol! Is the crankshaft bad? Test, what happened to normal? At that time, I had not experienced such a thing before. I wonder if the analysis can not solve the problem that the ignition switch does not have enough power when starting. Injector ignition coil power failure or computer failure? Test, injection and ignition power supply oil pump relay power supply test lamp display suddenly bright and dull and measured the computer board power supply is also starting, the oscillograph display waveform from 12V to 7~9V voltage computer board is certainly not normal work of the battery is broken? Is the line contact bad check battery joint main cable to catch the iron wire is not safe to use the starting cable to connect the battery to the body or the body body is not good starting test battery starting waveform is the same as the replacement of the battery is also the generator is interfering with the generator? Remove the B+ and the magnetizing line. That's the starting machine. Start with a motor. In fact, it is very simple to think about the speed signal and so on. There is no problem of starting machine when it is involved in the work. One is the difficulty of starting the machine. One is the influence of two on the power supply. Taking this case out today is rather special and instructive.