Car maintenance minor knowledge whether the tire is covered or repaired?
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Now there are different ways to repair tyres in different repair shops, some of which are made up internally and some are repaired outside. So what is the difference between different methods of tire repair? It is understood that, now, the tire is pierced by foreign matter, especially the nail pierced phenomenon is very common. Because there are not many places to patch up, once the tyres are punctured and leaked, most owners can only change the tire first, then look for the repair shop at the roadside. Because the cost of the tire is difficult to make money, most of the ordinary tire shop only provides simple supplement, glue stick to stick strong glue into the hole to complete, the cost of supplementing one time is about 10 yuan. Experts say that the way to patch a small hole in a tire is only to be used in a temporary emergency. It is a way to be eliminated gradually. Because the external material is often not the same as the original tire strength, the repair will lead to the inconsistency of the tire force, the tire skeleton is easy to deform, and the sealing degree is not high, and the air and water are easy to enter the tire, causing the steel wire to rust in the tire, and there will be a safety hazard and part wheel in the high-speed train. After only three or four months after the fetus, it will be scrapped. Therefore, it is suggested that the car owners repair their tires and find a professional repair shop afterwards. In contrast, the method of filling the tires is more complex, and it needs to be equipped with a professional tool to dismantle the tires, dismantle the tires from the hub, and then heat up after the hole is found and the special vulcanizing machine is heated. The use of this method can also make up a larger creation. But this method is more expensive, such as small holes from 15 yuan to 20 yuan, and larger wound needs about 50 yuan. But the benefits are obvious and safe to use.